Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/G2 I1 O
TitleOriginal papers [incoming]
Extent27 boxes
DescriptionThe original papers comprise all incoming papers sent by the mission secretary (or occasionally directly from the missionaries) to the Group Committee. They consist mainly of letters and reports, but include minutes and papers of local CMS and diocesan committees.
ArrangementThey are numbered [in red ink] for each year [from 1 January] and from 1885 onwards those originating outside the North India mission area are marked 'N. India' (from November 1892 'Bengal' or 'B'). The date of receipt is also noted and often the initials of Secretaries and other headquarters' staff dealing with the material. Some items, notably finance correspondence, were removed as soon as they had been entered on the precis [see precis books /P], others were removed in the normal course of administrative work. Usually in these cases a note of the number of the item, plus the initials of the staff member and the department, remains in the packet.
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionN. B. There are separate bound volumes of the reports of the Calcutta Corresponding Committee 1881-1901

Copies of printed reports were sent to headquarters from the missions, and were kept by the various departments, though ultimately finding their way to the Library. Bound copies of some of these reports have been returned to the archive series, but have not been included in the individually numbered items listed in the catalogue.


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