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TitleLetter from Thompson to Pratt: 25 March 1817: Madras
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionMissionary work progresses well but there is urgent need for more money and more missionaries; Rhenius, especially, needs aid; hopes that Corrie will bring some help when he returns from England; Madras is in special need as there is great scope for expansion there; comments on work, and particularly the appointment of the new metran Philoxenus; one or two things in Rhenius' journal should not be published; asks advice also concerning the constitution and ritual of the church in Madras; Rhenius adopts Lutheran form; "suppose, however, he should have Church of England associates - what is to be done? We must have a division in one church or we must have two churches"; Dawson first pointed this out, saying that were he to work with R., he could not conform to his method of conducting worship; a ruling on this would come better from London than Madras.
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