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TitleLetter from Pratt to Thompson: 27 November 1817: CM House
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DescriptionAcknowledges letters and papers; is sending this letter by Rev. Joseph Fenn "he is a very superior man both in talents, acquirements and piety. He was brought up to the Bar ..... he had a promise of a chaplaincy but preferred going as a missionary ..... his wife is a very devoted woman"; Rev. Henry Baker and Rev. G. T. Barenbruck are also being sent out; Baker "is a solid, conscientious and devoted young man", Barenbruck is a Lutheran clergyman; referring to financial matters, it now seems best not to limit the annual grant but for the Corresponding Committee to draw on the Society for any reasonable sum, but the amounts of the drafts must to notified to the Society twice a year; agree to contributing towards cost of building churches, provided the bulk of the payments are raised on the spot; Thompson's report on Twisleton and Norton's conduct has given a clearer view of both characters; it was especially timely as four missionaries are being sent to Ceylon; for the first time there was a public dissmisal meeting for the missionaries; regrets report of Dawson's talents; have begun a better plan for judging suitability of candidates as "they now reside for a short time in the Missionary House under our own immediate inspection before they are received"; would be glad to receive copies of correspondence with the Association of Chaplains, also any figures of idols, which could be used as illustrations in magazines etc.; concerning the mode of worship and discipline to be adopted in missions the committee having declared its views would refer to the Corresponding Committee; understands that all the SPCK missionary stations on the coast and at Tranquebar practise Lutheran forms of worship "if so it may be thought an innovation on our part to direct Lutheran clergymen to adopt the English worship and discipline. You are well aware how expedient it is for us of the CMS to tread in the steps of precedents. But it will follow on such an arrangement that our English and Lutheran missionaries cannot act together in the same place: and it will perhaps be better that they should not ..... In West Africa indeed, everything is conducted on our plan; but then we originated the mission, and there was no precedent to the contrary. This plan of separation may create some difficulty with respect to the Madras missions; as you would probably prefer an English to a Lutheran ministry there ..... should you, however, judge it best, that the English church worship and discipline should be adopted by our Lutherans as well as Englishmen the Committee request and authorise the Corresponding Committee to give directions accordingly"; sending two bells and a barrel organ; the organ costs 75 guineas and will play 30 tunes; it may be fitted with a new barrel with 10 more tunes; a more powerful one with keys as well as barrels costs 120 guineas; also sends three sets of church books; "we have taken pains to procure old copies, as all the books printed within about 20 years, are printed upon paper the texture of which has been ruined by a chemical bleaching ..... We have but lately discovered the evil, and are determined thoroughly to amend it ..... the Bible Society ..... has not issued a Bible or Testament printed at either of the Universities or the King's Printers, which will do more than a fourth or a sixth of the service, which it would have done if printed on the paper of former days"; sends books out by missionaries in addition to their private libraries; cannot supply all stations with libraries, though a good one should be kept at Madras; letters from Spring and Hough are encouraging, sends thanks to Col. Munro for his kindness; by Mr. Fenn, Mr. Lee sends letter in Syriac to Bishop Philoxenus; sends school books, the 'Clerkenwell Lessons' are out of print; the 'Missionary Spelling book' is suspended for the present until the pressure of business is removed; comments on "the awful visitation under which the nation labours, in the death of Princess Charlotte and her infant. The nation has met the stroke in a very feeling manner, and I trust that, in many, very many, an abiding impression will remain" [copy].
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