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TitleLetter from Major J. Munro to Thompson: 3 January 1816: Quilon
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionAccepts membership of Madras Corresponding Committee; considers "the diffusion of genuine Christianity in India as a measure equally important to the interests of humanity and to the stability of our power"; assures Society of his co-operation in their schemes; would like Norton and other missionaries in Travancore to receive M.'s advice "concerning the general application of their services, but to consider themselves entirely under the control and inspection of the society in their detailed proceedings ..... but from the circumstances of Travancore being a foreign state, it is necessary for many reasons that the missionaries should attend to the advice of the Resident"; Norton should proceed at once to Quilon; Ringeltaube is in urgent need of a replacement as his health is poor and he must leave India; a few years ago there were a number of Protestants in Tinnevelly but since there has been no missionary there the people have relapsed; the Protestants at Palamcottah have suffered a severe loss by the death of Mr. Sawyer; were a missionary appointed for Palamcottah Colonel Trotter, in command there, will give support; Cochin also needs a missionary; "an efficient and extended system of education particularly in the English language, will contribute more affectually than any other plan to the early and substantial establishment of the Protestant Religion in India"; at Angengo M. has paid for an English schoolmaster, a Roman Catholic, who has just returned to Madras; he might be replaced by Protestant master; a judicial establishment has been formed in Tranvacore and M. has procured a Christian judge for each tribunal; the chief judge's post is still vacant and might perhaps be filled by a missionary; the salary is 300 rupees per month [copy].
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