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TitleLetter from Pratt to Thompson: 18 April 1816: CM House
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionCommittee has voted £1500 per annum for Madras, a larger sum than mentioned in 34, to cover the cost of the Tranquebar schools; committee approve one fund for all contributions; bishop of Calcutta's letter to Twisleton gave committee much pleasure as it "placed the standard of attainment in native candidates for ordination within the reach of men of plain sense and common industry"; encouragement to proceed with plan of 'Christian Institution' at Madras, to consist of schools for boys and girls, seminary for preparation of catechists and country priests, printing-press, retreat for aged missionaries, widows and orphans of missionaries, and an adequate supply of preachers and instructors; asks for views of Corresponding Committee on this and an estimate of the first cost of land and buildings and annual cost of maintenance; "let everything be done substantially"; asks for suggested rules for such an institution; suggests chaplains might join the committee; should the bishop of Calcutta refuse to ordain any native candidates "you might have recourse to the assistance of our Lutherans, but English Episcopal Ordination would certainly be desirable, if obtainable"; bishop of London's letter to Twisleton opens "prospect of something being done ultimately by government for native education and ordination in Ceylon"; endeavouring with Corrie's help to prepare a spelling book for the use of the schools; Dr. Buchanan intimated that what missionaries write should be seen by people on the spot prior to their being sent home; asks T. to inspect all journals and add any comments he wishes [copy].
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