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TitleLetter from Thompson to Pratt: 3 May 1816: Madras
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DescriptionThe new India Post regulations have resulted in the almost complete failure of the post from England to India; Norton is probably in Travancore having sailed from Colombo seven days since; Greenwood and Schroeter arrived on 7 Apr and sailed for Calcutta 20th; Greenwood brought his wife and her sister with him, the daughters of Mr. Horst, late missionary at Tanjore, sisters of Mrs. Kohlhoff, nieces of Mrs. Pohle of Trichinopoly; Miss Horst, went with them to Bengal which appears imprudent; the delays and great expenses incurred by the missionaries could have been avoided had they not come out via Ceylon; Rhenius and Schnarre continue to make good progress; the bishop's refusal to allow them to minister to Dr. Rottler's Tamil congregation is a serious blow and has been much reprobated in Madras; it will be necessary to get a chapel for their use, but ground in Madras is very expensive; a meeting was held last Friday to render the committee more effective and the following resolutions were passed:
1. The committee shall meet on the last Wednesday in each month at 5 o'clock in the afternoon
2. That special meetings shall be held when necessary between the monthly meetings
3. That every member of the committee shall, in turn, visit the mission once in ten days
4. Missionaries shall keep a school register and a journal in separate books, to be submitted to the committee at the monthly meetings
5. That a copy of the resolutions be sent to the missionaries
A young man, son of Mr. Sawyer, has been adopted by the committee as a likely candidate for a missionary or schoolmaster and will be educated under Mr. Norton.
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