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TitleLetter from Pratt to Norton: 6 December 1816: CM House
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DescriptionGlad of news of affairs in Ceylon "we must, however, remind you of the necessity of giving no offence to our superiors, by any further departure from that strict discipline which we observe in this country, than what the peculiar situation of India may render indispensible. I allude to your preaching for the various denominations in Ceylon. We might be involved in difficulty by this; particularly when you are acting, as in India, under Episcopal Jurisdiction. We take the circumstances of the case into account, and make all allowances for them; but, in general it will be found best to promote both harmony and usefulness that we all keep to our sphere"; Twisleton has suggested that N. should superintend a college in Ceylon, but this is to be left to the decision of the Madras Corresponding Committee; N. should have expressed himself more charitably when telling Twisleton of Greenwood's marriage; trust that the large expenses have been necessary, funds are hard to obtain and economy is necessary [copy].
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