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TitleLetter from Norton to Pratt: 24 April 1816
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionHas spent time preaching to various denominations as opportunity offered; having been told not to preach again in the Fort Church, Twisleton insisted that as N. had said nothing "that was disconsonant with our Church either in doctrine or discipline" he should be allowed to preach; while staying with the Chaters, N. hired house, but the day they should have moved in Mrs. Norton was taken ill and delivered of a still-born child; they stayed with Chaters but, owing to uncertainty, were unable to give up the house and servants and in addition had to buy lightweight clothing and purchase a horse and bandy; has already seen the truth of the observation that missionaries must be respectable in all circumstances of dress, living etc. or they will have no influence; while waiting eagerly to proceed to Travancore engaged a ship of 25 tons to sail to Quilon; as they were about to embark the 'Cochin' arrived, six weeks overdue; as the small ship could not go because of adverse winds, Twisleton advised N. to book passage in the 'Cochin'; it will cost 1000 Rix dollars but is the only alternative to remaining in Ceylon until Nov; Twisleton is eager to establish a college in Colombo with N. as the principal, which N. agrees to; discusses advisability of missionaries being married; Greenwood has married Miss Hirst after only two days acquaintance it is said; he has broken engagement with Miss Bellingham of Knutsford.
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