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TitleLetter from J. Munro [to Thompson]: 19 Jully 1816: Courtallum
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionPromises support for Norton; "he appeared to me to be sincere, zealous and intelligent, but perhaps more anxious to have opportunities of preaching in English, than to devote himself to the study of the languages and the conversion of the natives ..... [Mrs. Norton] seemed to be rather forward and unpolished [unsatisfied: crossed out] and to have received on Ceylon higher notions than she ought to entertain"; need for 12 or 14 missionaries in Travancore; the appointment of Christian judges is both practicable and necessary; those already in the courts cannot be relied on for integrity, ability and independence of mind, but their presence will facilitate the appointment of missionaries in the furture, whose "prompt and impartial distribution of justice to all classes of people ..... will thereby conciliate their attachment to the British government and secure their respect for the characters and principles of the missionaries themselves"; trusts that sufficient men can be provided within two years, when he must leave India, as from many circumstances he has possessed greater influence in Travancore than his succesors "are likely either to have or to desire"; American missionaries would be welcome were it not for the political objections "they cannot divest themselves of a preference for their own country; and the political principles recently manifested by the government of that country oblige us to consider Americans as much our enemies as Frenchmen"; has urged Bishop Joseph to hasten the translation of the scriptures, but owing to his age and infirmity, cannot expect completion until Norton can help; an endowment in land, equal to the support of 40 or 50 students has been given to Cottayam College in perpetuity [copy].
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