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TitleLetter from Pratt to Thompson: 9 April 1817: CM House
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionAcknowledges letters; approves remonstrance delivered to Norton; "Col. Munro has an exact view of Mr. N.'s character"; as the SPCK do not continue their £50 grant to Dr. John's school suggest propriety of Madras committee taking all of them over; P. understands in confidence that SPCK is having great difficulty in finding missionaries; CMS has two Lutheran clergymen who could be sent if necessary; Schnarre and Rhenius should not stint hospitality to their missionary brethren as such expense should be reimbursed by the Madras committee; London committee full approved Col. Munro's plans for supplying missionaries to Travancore, while leaving his suggestion concerning Christian judges to the discretion of the Madras committee; concerning Rhenius' request for clothes for his wife, it is impossible, at this distance, to provide articles of that kind, however great the difference of expense; the Royal Danish Mission College is to be apprised, throught the bishop of Copenhagen of Schnarre's return to Tranquebar and the readiness of CMS to support him; it is hoped by this means to make him independent of Caemmerer and Schroeyvogel [copy].
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