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TitleLetter from Bailey to Pratt: 20 September 1817: Cotyam College, Travancore
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DescriptionB. and Mrs. B. left Allepie 25 Mar for Cotyam, Munro having urged need for a missionary to be head of the Syrian College there; a house is being built for them about a quarter of a mile from the college; 3 catanars and 4 amanuenses are employed by the Calcutta Bible Society in translating the Bible; little had been translated before B.'s arrival besides the four gospels which were in print; the Pentateuch, the books of Joushua, Judges, Samuel1, Psalms, Proverbs, part of Isaiah, New Testament up to Titus and Revelations are now translated; the catanars are extremely indolent and ignorant; some catanars and students have been taught English and progress quite well; B. makes slow progress at learning the language; Munro recently sent Rs.1000 towards finishing the college; hopes the endowment will shortly be sufficient for 50 students; Munro has written that it is desirable for B. to superintend not only the college but also "the general government of the Syrian church"
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