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TitleLetter from Bailey to Thompson: 14 January 1818: Cottayam
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionWelcomes more missionaries coming to Travancore; acknowledges arrival of Syriac scriptures; Munro spent Christmas at Cottayam; Munro hopes to be able to endow college, also urges need for schoolmaster to be attached to each church; Munro wishes to appoint Syrian Christians as second judges in all courts of Travancore and Cochin; wishes to remove Roman Catholic tenets in Syrian Christianity and restore primitive church discipline; has suggested translating Anglican church services; translation of epistles by Timaput Pillay was found amongst metran's clothes in the college, but proved too inaccurate for use; tour of churches suggested, and metran and B. will go after Mrs. B.'s confinement; 40 churches were taken over by the Roman Catholics from the Syrians and Munro is to try to have them returned; Munro closely enquired about schoolmaster for college, from Madras. Mr. Williams of Cochin got one from the Male Orphan Asylum; asks for one urgently, must be clever and suitable, well educated in English ''if he understands to read and write Tamil well he will sooner learn the Malayalim", ''he must of course be Protestant and the more pious and steady the better'' (copy).
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