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TitleCorrespondence between Thompson, Norton, Strachan and Rev. T. J. Twisleton
Extent1 doc.
Description2 Jul 1817: Madras: Thompson to Norton
Strachan and Colonel Munro met at Courtallum and discussed the Allepie mission; they decided not to increase Norton's salary and warned him in his church-building to confine himself within the amount of money allowed; N. cannot expect CMS to pay for letters other than those to Pratt and the mission secretary; the produce or rent of the trees in the mission garden should cover maintenance costs of premises and grounds. N. has been interfering too much with secular complaints etc.; T. deprecates the loss of time spent on study of the language
16 Jul 1817: Allepie: Norton to Strachan
Replies to complaints in Thompson's letter in detail; his position has been misunderstood
Mr. Strachan's reply
Reiterates that Norton's salary should be ample; committee is sympathetic to N.'s needs but the Society is short of money and cannot do more for him
16 Jul 1817: Norton
Eager to learn language; transcribing Latin and Malayalim dictionary brought from Verapoli by Padre Prosper [extract]
2 Sep 1817: Allepie: Norton to Strachan
Padre Prosper has left a fortnight since; he is a bad character
2 Oct 1817: Colombo: Twisleton
Norton would do well as principal teacher at [blank] college but is not hopeful for his success in obtaining the post; has heard of no offers to N. as colonial chaplain in Ceylon, but rather is disliked for his leaning towards Calvinistic views; he would be suitable for a middle class congregation
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