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TitleLetter from Mrs. Anne Norton to Pratt: [no address]
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionMr. Norton had requested Pratt to send his mother £10 and the same to Lady Gray; requests Pratt to permit Mrs. Daniel to buy one dozen white cotton stockings and three pairs of black silk for Mr. N; in Allepie the white would be 60 pagodas a dozen and the black 22 rupees, a rupee is 2s.4d; a box at Mrs. Raynors, 65, Hatfield Street, Blackfriars, is to be sent to CM House and asks that it may be sent on as soon as possible; it belonged to Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. N.'s aunt, who wanted her to have it "locked the box and burnt the keys as soon as she found she could not recover"; there are "some silver spoons, a cup, some rings and a portrait of my father"; have about 40 children at school; it is very difficult to get girls; has another son, her eldest can speak Malayalim very well; Mrs. Bailey had a daughter four days earlier
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