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TitleLetter Norton to Pratt: 21 November 1818: Allepie
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionHas held public worship in the vernacular twice on Sundays during the last few weeks; congregation usually consists of a few Syrians, two or three Roman Catholics, some Malabars, about 50 or 60 poor in the hospital and some children, about 100 in all; for work as judge, it has bought favour of all, but quite ready to resign if the Resident wishes it; "I am grieved to find that you still view me as a spendthrift"; this is not true, but a result of prejudice; the Madras Committee has tacitly admitted it has been mistaken relating to N.; begs for financial assistance for orphans, now 22 boys and 4 girls; asks for medicine, a bell and an organ for his church
Postscript: Asks for Koran, the Moslems "consider theirs so sacred they will scarcely allow me to touch one"; also asks for replacement pair of spectacles "of second sight with long ears", also a thermometer, 'Dr. Hamilton on Female Complaints' and some essence of peppermint; has some enquirers; asks for advice on receiving enquirers for baptism.
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