Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C I2 E2/72
TitleLetter from Pratt and Bickersteth to Rhenius: 6 February 1819: London
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionHave forwarded 36 hourglasses; glad to hear of formation of Tamil Bible Association; committee wish to state relating to differences between R. and Corresponding Committee, that R.'s letters show "a want of humility and of deference" towards the committee; also deeply regret tendency to overspend allowance; parent committee have agreed to make an allowance of confinement of a missionary's wife and also annual allowance for children but R.'s salary should now "supply every reasonable want"; CMS allowance exceeds, in some cases considerably, that of other societies; committee directs that no serious step should be taken in the mission without the concurrence of the Corresponding Committee: R. had no right to dismiss Christian; shows too much high-mindedness; the committee entirely disapprove the private whipping of the two persons reported by R. and will allow "nothing of the kind to be inflicted by anyone who maintains a connection with them, under any circumstances ..... there appears to have been ..... too much of authority, not to say severity, in your mode of proceeding about Christian. And again in your observations on the first report of the Corresponding Committee"; R. has not shown humility; committee has serious doubts about propriety of public junction of services with missionaries of societies not belonging to Church of England (i.e. Mr. Schmid taking Mr. Loveless's place in his chapel); cordially unite with dissenting brethren in private but not public worship (copy).
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