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TitleLetter from Pratt and Bickersteth to Norton: 6 February 1819: London
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionHave found it necessary to give up maintenance of children in Africa as it involved missionaries in a multitude of problems and took them from their primary work; this should not prevent N. taking a few children, but a school would not be a good idea; committee were not pleased with N.'s observations on Mr. Thompson; relating to appointment as judge, as Col. Munro now agrees with the committee, the post has doubtless been given up "we should have greatly regretted that the valuable time of a missionary ..... should have been frittered away and his mind secularized with concerns merely temporary"; committee have laid down principle that all correspondence from South India and Travancore should come through Madras "it is far safer and happier" to act with others than "to load yourself with the responsibility of acting according to your own views"; do not cross letters in future, "it makes it difficult for us to read them".
Postscript: Enclose certificate of ordination (copy)
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