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TitlePratt and Bickersteth to Thompson: 3 August 1819: London
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionThankful of good outcome of negotiations with government about mission church; CMS have voted £5000 towards Bishop's College, Calcutta, following example of SPG and SPCK; "we trust that this measure of ours will conciliate his lordship; and ultimately open an access for our students, at the Society's charge, to the college ..... in this way, the best education may be afforded to our students, and admission to orders secured to them; while a connection of the Society with the episcopal authority in India may be thus established, which shall secure to us its great advantages, without subjecting us to any other than legal ecclesiastical jurisdiction"; Corresponding Committee should consider relationship of Calcutta college with proposed Madras college; if instruction in Calcutta college is in the Peninsular languages as well as Bengal, anything like a college in Madras might be construed a rival and bar the Calcutta college against CMS, unless the bishop were offered the same control over Madras as he will have over Calcutta; "the most expedient course" will be to call it the Christian Institution of Madras, comprising the church, schools, seminary, printing-office, dwelling-houses etc.; young men trained in the seminary might finish at Calcutta or "with ourselves, and obtain Lutheran ordination or apply for English, under circumstances much less likely to prejudice the bishop, than if they received their full education at a professed college of our own"; hope the Calcutta college will be as a university to the members of the church of India; CMS grant made with no restrictions "that being the course most handsome and concilatory to the bishop"; regret spirit shown by Norton in his journal; three Lutheran missionaries from SPCK are coming to strengthen Tanjore mission so Baker need not stay there; will support Corresponding Committee in helping Hough, Spring and Harper; several papers brought by Casamajor copied so inaccurately that sense is lost; deeply regret affair of Rhenius and B. Schmid; committee, wishing Corresponding Committee to have its work as little irksome as possible relating to these matters, suggest that the Corresponding Committee should consult the missionaries confidentially previous to forming resolutions on leading points connected with the objects of the Society (copy).
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