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TitleLetter from Pratt to Thompson: 29 September 1819: London
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DescriptionBe circumspect in making terms with government relating to grant for mission church; Rhenius's proceedings relating to natives who advanced claims on government for carriage bullocks furnished to Sir Eyre Coote "is so foreign to his character and duties as a missionary as to have occasioned the serious displeasure of the Committee, and their peremptory prohibition of all such interference in the future"; introduction of Anglican liturgy and discipline into mission church at Madras must be carried through, though there may be objections from Rhenius as until now the Lutheran rite has been used in the Madras mission; desire every missionary to write regularly; have not yet had journal from Baker; thankful for wisdon and guidance shown by Fenn concerning transfer of four Roman Catholic churches to Syrians; Committee "are so deeply impressed by the indiscreet and highly censurable conduct of Messrs. Rhenius and Norton in committing the Society with government in the way they have done, and that by acting in direct opposition to the advice and authority of the Corresponding Committee that they have been induced to empower the Corresponding Committee to suspend or remove from India any missionary ..... whose conduct shall ..... call for such an extreme measure ..... it will perhaps be advisable not to divulge your being possessed of these powers, unless something further should occur to render it necessary to do so"; thanks for report; to ensure its arrival in time for insertion in the annual report the financial year in Madras should end at Michaelmas; very ready to support Mr. Hough's mission; had intended printing Munro's official letter to the Madras government respecting the Syrians; but as it was not mentioned in T.'s letter it was thought not expendient; requests T. to say if there is any objection to the printing of the report and the documents relating to Roman Catholics referred to at end.
Postscript: 14 Oct 1819: Reports anxiety felt at Committee meeting relating to transfer of Roman Catholic churches; hopes in future such questions will be conscientiously avoided (copy)
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