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TitleLetter from Joseph Fenn to Colonel Munro: 10 August 1819: Cottayam
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionThanks for letter from St. Helena; the Resident had interview with Syrian metropolitan in the presence of his clergy and students; change was caused by objection of metran to joint occupation of church at Changanacherry; Fenn has "retreated altogether from the ostensible direction of the affairs of the mission leaving secretarial duties with Mr. Bailey; is alarmed by Resident's insistence on his impartiality to the reformed religion vis a vis the Roman Catholic and "that in his administration he shall discover no predilection for the Christian religion"; unless a Christian Resident manifests Christian principles the people will flock to the Catholic services in the church and not attend the Syrian reformed services; had Munro remained and let it be known he "was well pleased with the adherents of the Catholics availing themselves of instruction, mulitudes I know would immediately join us"; has been reading the Vyapaharamala, the law book of Travancore; would be glad of any books "adapted for making me thoroughly acquainted with India, both as it regards the government and the people, and every work that renders the acquisition of the language easy, and that prevents one's throwing over any time"; Mr. Baker has joined them from Tanjore.
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