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TitleLetter from G. J. Casamajor to Secretary: 9 November 1819: Rawleigh House near Barnstable
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DescriptionAsks for some parcels left with his baggage in London to be dealt with, to got to Herrn Sam. Elsner of Wohlegeborn, Berlin and to Mr. Ronneberg; writes now about relationship between missionaries and Corresponding Committee " a relation which was evidently very differently apprehended by those two parties, and, I believe, not very definitely by either"; the first missionaries considered the Committee as counsellors not as directors (gives sentence of missionaries upon Christian example); some matters of difficulty "may perhaps convey to you a perception of something like a disposition to interference on the part of the Committee"; "as I have often disapproved of measures which appeared to me to involve such a spirit so I know that I was not always singular in imputing it" [to Thompson] "but too well accounted for and excused by the grievious bodily pains and weakness which he almost constantly labours under"; all the missionaries without exception have displayed a "disposition to independent action" though understandable yet the success of missions "depends as much upon an efficient superintendence and subordination as that of any other Institution whatsoever"; suggests solution may be found providing more detailed regulations concerning the duty of the missionaries, and the powers of the Committee, these rules to be drawn up at Madras, but to derive their authority from "the Parent Society"; it would be most valuable to have monthly reports from all missionaries; "we got Mr. Rhenius into pretty good order about school accounts - but we never could get him to keep a diary ..... the contents of the diaries or journals might be well subjected to Regulation; as we have seen in those of Mr. Norton, what miserable trash they may be stuffed with"; "Mr. Rhenius ..... with all his objectionable points, I would not not for the world lose him as a missionary ..... I would not say send out more Lutheran missionaries, for I think the fewer Lutherans the better; but I would say ..... send out as many such men as Mr. Rhenius as ever you can, but let them be clergymen of the Church of England, and if possible, gentlemen by birth and education - and send them out to your Corresponding Committee at Madras - impressed with the feeling that the Committee is to stand to them in the place of the Committee in London ..... no more Nortons, Dawsons, Bailey and Bakers; good they will do - but they will not do the good or the extent of good which is wanted".
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