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TitleLetter from Rev. F. Spring to Thompson: 9 September 1818: Tellicherry
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DescriptionVisited Cannanore last week; Jacob Joseph is making good progress, his family work hard; S. has raised his monthly allowance to 7 rupees; present school building is not large enough; would like to build a larger one; Col. Forbes promised support and spoke well of Joseph; building is to be 20ft square with two rooms at the back, made of mud and bricks, bamboos and cudjans, costing 30 or 40 rupees; congregation can raise Rs.5, Mrs. Brett has given Rs.10, asks permission to add Rs.20 on behalf of Committee; visited Johnson's school, 80 boys, half of them being children of sepoys and others in the army; Johnson has help of young man in the Engineer department; asks for textbooks on geography, mathematics and history [note in margin "Could not Pratt procure us a few copies of 'Holbergs Introduction to Universal History' translated by Gregory Sherripe L.L.D. 1755]; religious tracts in Portuguese would be very useful [copy].
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