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TitleLetter from Henry Mortlock to Pratt: 7 October [1818]: Madras
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionMrs. Thompson died 4 Sep; Mr. Thompson has been ill and may return to England; Rhenius and Schmid claim the right of publishing tracts and while offering to show them to Corresponding Committee for information refuse to admit that implicit obedience due to Committee means they must refer such matters to them; Mortlock has attended first anniversary of Madras Tract Association; London Missionary Society men are good scholars and dependable translators but the four tracts prepared by Rhenius were too quickly done; Mortlock and some friends in the civil service propose advising them; notice of the Tract meeting appeared in the press with no government opposition, this follows the freedom of the press established in Calcutta; Mortlock disapproves of Rhenius and Schnarre's actions and spirit but thinksCommittee may be forced to concede the point; Rhenius is far too hasty and sanguine and his reports must be treated with caution, for he does not understand the native character; "you must be prepared for deception and disappointment continually".
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