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TitleLetter from Rhenius to Pratt: 20 October 1818: Madras
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DescriptionAcknowledges letter of 27 Nov 1817; considers formation of a Tamil congregation a matter to be decided by the missionary and not something to be left to the discretion of others; would have consulted the committee had they not from the first shown "a tone of command and superiority"; understands committee have complained about his expenditure and his style in writing to them;
1) Fixed salary was not sufficient for Madras; committee had not appriciated need for suitable clothing, and for conveyance allowance; but all unnecessary expenses have been avoided; for school expenditure had asked committee to allow missionary discretion for deciding necessary routine expenses; it is impossible to obtain their prior sanction for all expenditure
2) Denies that his letters to the committee are "commanding" in style; he has been misunderstood having treated committee as friends and fellow-workers; committee appear to expect the relationship to be that of master and servant; committee cannot be as cognisant of particular mission affairs as the missionaries but because they provide the financial support they treat the missionary as a mere "artificer"; fears that if committee continue not to trust the missionaries the work will falter; discusses differences over publication of tracts if committee are to be in control rather than the missionaries.
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