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TitleLetter from Rev. Richard Knill to Thompson: 1 December 1818: Nagracoil
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DescriptionIs well and very happy in his work "I am now as busy as a bee"; visited Etambully, Cooilvilley, Mailaddy, Tamaracoolum, Agatersanum; Nagracoil has a regular attendance of 300; Mr. Mead preached at Oodagherry to 7 Europeans; schoolroom at Nagracoil 75ft long 30ft board nearly finished; works in English part of the school; it is twelve months since he did language study and Loveless wants him to return to his former station; at present have more than 3000 people attached to mission, most of whom are not baptised; after discussion propose baptising all who make formal rejection of heathenism, giving up or destroying their images; to baptise the family or household of such persons; to baptise by pouring or sprinkling [copy].
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