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TitleLetter from Henry Baker to Thompson: 9 January 1819: Tanjore
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DescriptionHold Sunday services and a prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings "for the country priests" an on Thursday evenings for the catechists; has set schools on Dr. Bell's system and teaches English for one hour each day in the provincial school, where Brahmins and Malabar pariahs and other castes "mingle without distinction"; "the favour which the Rajah has shown towards this mission has not of late years tended to the promotion of the cause of Christ"; Mr. Kohlhoff is much engaged in the Rajah's business; great need of new church for Schwarz's chapel is small and decaying; Mr. Meade of the London Society is about to be married to a sister of Mrs. Greenwood "I forbear making any remarks";
28 Jan 1819: Tanjore: Baker to Thompson
Following his official appointment has been introduced to Rajah by Colonel B. [the Resident]; rajah proposes to send son to Mr. Kohlhoff's house and have Baker as his tutor
1 Feb 1819: Tanjore: Baker to Thompson
Has received official letter from secretary of District Committee of Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; Mr. Caemmerer has received money from Germany for repair of church built by Zeigenbalg; is considering visiting churches in surrounding district; has heard of schools supported by rajah including a Christian school three miles away with "provision made for the instruction of fifty Christian children, visited this school and found 18 boys, and was told that 8 others attended the Tanjore schools and the remainder, now adult, were still allowed to take the rice which the rajah provided "for schoolboys" [copy]
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