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TitleLetter from Thompson to Secretary: 9 July 1818: Madras
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DescriptionMr. and Mrs. Fenn arrived 19 May; Mr. and Mrs. Barenbruck and Mr. Baker arrived 7 Jul; Fenn "is one of the very men" required for Travancore; he is to work in Cottayam College; Munro will have house built for Fenn if the college's situation is too low for a European; Munro wishes Baker to be stationed at Cochin or Cranganore to take Dawson's place; Fenn's library is very valuable, as also the books and maps sent from London; Bailey's letter will give information about visit to Syrian churches, though Society may object to idea of arbitrary change; Fenn agrees with T. that caution must be used, and as little as possible of innovation; Munro is anxious to introduce Anglican liturgy but Syrian liturgy must be studied first; regrets that Munro has persuaded Norton to take judgeship, especially without reference to the Committee; T. has written protest to N. and also contacted Calcutta; Fenn agrees with T. and hopes "to withdraw him" from the post; Mr. Loveless and Mr. Pritchett, two London Missionary Society people also agree with T.; sends specimens of Norton's Malabar writing and translations, also reports from schools in Tranquebar, particularly at Sheally and Chillumbrum; Schnarre is to be married next week, fiancee about 23 or 25; sends reply of government letter of 7 May which will give great concern, as it forbids the appropriation of any building for public worship by Protestants without previous sanction of government; T. has sent home everything that has passed between the committee and the government; will wait further letter from government, but if that is no better the committee proposes transferring the matter to CMS and the Court of Directors; anti-missionary disposition in Madras is very virulent; Archdeacon Thomas's 'Protest' was published at full length in the 'Government Gazette', but also, suprisingly, Prynne's counter- protest; longs to print circular letters, reports etc. as Calcutta does, but the press is severely restricted everything being subject to the censor; on warrants of HQ letter purchase of mission establishment will be foreclosed, terms £3000; the stores are exactly what was needed; the two bells will probably go to the completed churches at Alleppie and Cottayam; trusts that image of Siven sent by Captain Blanchard has arrived safely; Munro has agreed relating to Norton relinquishing post of judge and will settle about it with him.
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