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TitleLetter from Fenn to Thompson: 28 January 1819: Cottayam
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionColonel Munro has embarked for England; Bailey is ill at Quilon attended by Dr. Hay; Munro had wished to get churches formerly belonging to Syrians and at present occupied by Roman Syrians under jurisdiction of Cranganore and Verapoly transferred to jurisdiction of metropolitan; considers this impolitic as it will arouse enmity of Roman Catholics and to that extent give them power; the climate makes men so indolent that is left in peace and quiet they will not provide much active opposition; four churches however are to be transferred Cottayam, Pavoor, Changanacherry and Alleppie; has established school at Cottayam with 25 boys and a Malayalim schoolmaster; hopes to add an English schoolmaster next week and a Syrian schoolmaster later; asks for slates, slate pencils, paper and "any sort of machinery, particularly any kind of philosophical apparatus" [copy].
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