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TitleLetter from Thompson to Secretary: 17 February 1819: Madras
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionMr. Fraser, bearer of this letter is a surgeon of the Bengal establishment and can give account of Calcutta friends as well as Madras; "I trust you will have seen much of Mr. Casamajor ….. you must not attempt to force him to come forward - if you do, he will most certainly draw in his horns, and beat him if you please as black as a coal you'll not easily get them out again. You will find him to possess a fine clear, powerful mind, a mind quickly susceptible of the love and fear of God - and very zealous in the cause of missions for the Lord's sake"; will miss Colonel Munro; comments on letters and papers sent; Mr. Knill has had to leave South Travancore suddenly because of illness; Mr. Baker's letter should not be noticed publicly because of the "extreme jealousy" of the Christian Knowledge Society"; the reports of schools show a total of 2300 children receiving Christian education.
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