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TitleLetter from Fenn to Thompson: 22 February 1819: Cottayam
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionMisses Colonel Munro; transfer of churches has excited violent opposition of Roman Catholics; irregular application has been made by the bishop of Quilon and Cochin to the Madras government and in consequence Captain Gordon has asked Fenn to suspend execution of the order; at Changanacherry where transfer was made all is quiet, but there is disorder at Alleppie; was disinclined to the measure but having been entrusted with the Syrian interests by the Travancore government feels he must "make manifest the principles of justice and policy which dictated it".
5 Mar 1819: Madras: Thompson to Fenn
Replies to letter; most people believe the Roman Catholics in Travancore are untrustworthy; it is well that the affair has occurred while the new Resident Major McDonall is in Madras; hopes to see him as soon as possible; has documents to support the case; asks for copies of the proclamation; will send presses and type as soon as possible [copy]
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