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TitleLetter from Fenn to Secretary: 9 March 1819: Cottayam
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DescriptionDewan has gone to Changanacherry to "apprehend the principle instigators of the late opposition"; Syrians are behaving with "militant fortitude and patience for suffering"; Mrs. Fenn has been unwell.
Postscript: Dewan report about 400 men assembled from 14 churches were assembled at Chananacherry
15 Mar 1819: Cottayam: Fenn
Bailey is unwell; missionary much wanted in Cochin
14 Mar 1819: Changanacherry; Captin Robert Gordon, acting Resident to Fenn
Mass of people from all quarters and insolent conduct to Dewan has forced him to move 3 companies of native infantry; arrived at 2am, took quiet possession of the church and found crowd dispersed; about 100 people were in the church and the ringleaders were taken into custody; "Cooyee Matthoo shall not escape though his is now hid"
Note by Fenn: "I never heard of more than 1000 persons most being women and children [copies]
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