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TitleLetter from Rhenius to Mortlock: 9 March 1819: Madras
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DescriptionSends school accounts and letters from Royappen; Royappen has been at Chingleput for most of February, Ramasamy having left the school there in January; Sandappen is to visit the northern district and then go on to Conjeveram; Seganaden schoolmaster from Tanjore is to go with Sandappen to Rannipottoore and will stay there for 6-8 days organising the school on the Madras system, he will then go on to Panabaram, Trivaloore and then follow Sandappen to Conjeveram
Postscript: Seganaden is prevented by illness from accompanying Sandappen.
15 Jan 1819: Trivaloore: Royappen to Rhenius
Delayed at Vadadilly because of Pungal feast; 6 Jan examined boys at Rannipoore; in 1818 there were 48 boys, there are now only 29 of whom 11 were absent; 7 Jan schoolmaster of Ponaypankum was ill so did not examine the boys; at Vadadilly he and Sandappilly were ill, so did not go to preach, but at the Pungal feast spoke to the people who visited them; 15 Jan examined boys at Tiroovaloor, in 1818 there were 51 boys, 19 of whom left and 10 were absent; schoolmaster there was active but had not kept a proper register
21 Jan 1819: Chingleput: Royappen to Rhenius
16 Jan came to Savattey Paleiam; 18 Jan examined school at Great Conjeveram; there were 17 boys, and 10 absent, the total since its foundation 74; 19 Jan examined English school; there were 14 boys, 9 absent, total since foundation 88; need here for a schoolmaster from Madras; cannot give very good report of Tiroovengada Assarier "he seems to be a half Christian"; has enquired about the matter between the Assarier and the Pandarum; has been to school at Chingleput but did not examine; there were only 6 boys and the schoolmaster had been absent for 20 days; 24 Jan examined boys at Vengadamungalum
Account of Madras mission schools January and February 1819
Lists schools, numbers of pupils and remarks
17 Apr 1819: Madras: Rhenius to Mortlock
Sends account of Madras schools for Mar 1819; Sandappen has been delayed in northern district superintending school building, school at Panabakam is finished; has itinerated particularly visiting Rannipoottoore, Eroomoottey and Panabakam; intend holding meeting of schoolmasters 1 May
Postscript: School in the seven wells street, for which no rent was paid, was too small; hope to acquire new larger ground opposite original site with a monthly rent of ¼ pagoda for 8 or 10 years; asks committee to permit this
Account of Madras Schools: March 1819
Lists names, number of pupils and remarks [copy]
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