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TitleLetter from J. C. Kohlhoff and J. Sperschneider, Protestant missionaries: 30 May 1819: Tanjore
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DescriptionTestimonials for Lucas John and Joseph John, Persian Christians from Chasrabad in Hedes province, Mesopatamia; had been persecuted by Abbas Merza son of King of Persia at Tabriz and were seized to be made Muslims; Mr. Armstrong at Tabriz rescued them and became security for 1000 rupees of which they have as yet collected 500.
7 Oct 1819: 'A member of your Society': [Mortlock] to Pratt
Sends copy of testimonials; has conversed with Persians (with difficulty because in Hindustani); they have been helped by Colonel Huth, an officer of engineers, a medical gentleman and Mr. Armstrong, a conductor of ardnance; Mr. Armstrong is said to have established a foundry for making cannon and within the last three years a manufactory of broadcloth worked by a water-mill; Colonel Huth and Mr. Armstrong married women from the Persians' tribe; their town is three days' journey from Tabriz, population 700 and 300 houses one story high but 2 or 3 rooms in each house and about 20 to 30 foot high; the country said to be covered with gardens; a large church in size and appearance like the Scotch Kirk in Madras; there is an archbishop at Meredeen and the third at Duyabukker; they hold services between 5 and 7 Sunday mornings and between 6 and 8 in the evening; there are schools for boys (30) and girls; their storey appears to be true; they have collected about 700 rupees in Bombay, Cochin and Tanjore
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