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TitleLetter-book: 18 April 1879 - 22 December 1884: index of names
Extent1 vol.
DescriptionIncludes: p.44 Annual circular letter relating to annual letters [printed] 1879;
pp.57-58 Copy of letter from Reginald C. MacDonald relating to catechist Nellathambi 1879;
p.137-138 Duplicated letter sending copies of report on native catechists and readers in India 1880;
p.147-148 Circular letter relating to death of Rev. Henry Wright, Hon. Clerical Secretary 1880;
p.231-232 Duplicated letter from Secretaries asking mission secretary to provide information for government commission on working of the 1854 Educational Despatch 1881;
p.237-238 Duplicated letter relating to extension of B & FBS colportage operations in India 1882;
p.245-246 Circular letter relating to missionary conference libraries scheme 1882;
p.301-302 Letter relating to annual letters and statistical returns [printed] 1882 [with alterations for 1887];
p.333-335 Copy of letter from General F. T. Haig relating to work amongst Kois and possibility of extension 1882;
p.358 Duplicate letter relating to missionaries voting at meetings of missionary conferences 1883;
p.401-411 Removed: inserted: letter relating to various printed conferences etc. 1883;
p.439 Letter from M. D. Dimond-Clinchwood, Bideford, relating to Rev. H. D. Goldsmith 1883;
p.485-486 Duplicated letter relating to possibility of (1) encouraging educated young native Christians to take part in direct Christian work (2) bringing forward native clergymen to positions of greater prominence...and fitting them...for higher positions in connection with the native churches 1884;
p.500 General instructions to missionaries [printed] 1884
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