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TitleValentine Coombes
Extent15 docs.
DescriptionLetters 1828-33 to headquarters from William Coombes, father of Valentine Daniel and John Cookson enclosing copies of correspondence and papers 1817-33 supporting his son's claims on CMS and appealing against actions of CMS in Madras.
/1 Letter 15 Sep 1828;

/2 45 Enclosures marked 1-41, A-D: copies of correspondence and papers 1817-28 including letters from W. Bannister, George Casamajor, John Hallewell, Bishop James of Calcutta, Dr. W. H. Mill of Bishop's College, Rev. R. William Moorsom, Rev. C. Rhenius, Archdeacon T. Robinson, Rev. Dr. W. Roy, and Rev. William Sawyer including;
/2/3 Address relating to performance of divine service in CM House Popham's Broadway 1819;
/2/4 Considerations relating to establishment of college for the instruction of youths for the ministry 1819;

/3 Letter 27 Sep 1828: includes reference to Rev. J. Ridsdale;

/4-6 Letter 15 Dec 1828: with enclosures including:
/5 Conversation between William Bannister and Valentine Coombes 1828;
/6 Conversation betwen Rev. W. Sawyer and Valentine Coombes 1828;

/7-8 Papers received 29 Aug 1829;
/7 A summary of facts elucidatory of circumstances connected with Valentine Daniel Coombes ... [with comments in margin in ink by [Archdeacon] T[homas] R[obinson], president of Madras Corresponding Committee and also in pencil by W. Bannister, secretary to Corresponding Committee];

/8 Including:
/1 Enclosure A. No. 1: account of death of John Cookson Coombes (third son of W. Coombes) 1827;
/2 Enclosure B, C, D, No. 2: correspondence between Rev. W. Sawyer and W. Coombes relating to request for leave for Valentine 1827;
/3 Enclosures E, F, G, H, I No. 3: correspondence between Sawyer and Coombes relating to outfit and board for Valentine 1827-28;
/4 Enclosure J, No. 4: correspondence between W. H. Mill and Archdeacon Corrie relating to Valentine's admittance to Bishop's College 1828;
/5 Enclosure K, No. 5: conversation between Sawyer and Valentine 1828;

/9-10 Papers received 22 Oct 1831:
/9 Letter 7 Jun 1831: asking for outfit expenses for Valentine [with pencilled comment by CMS London];
/10/1-16 Enclosures 1830-31: [includes letters from Rev. F. Spring, chaplain to Bishop of Calcutta, Rev. H. Harper, secretary to MCC, secretary to Calcutta Corresponding Committee, Rev. C. Rhenius, Cottayam, extract of letter to father from Valentine at College 1831;

/11-12 Papers received 5 Feb 1833;
/11 Letter 16 Aug 1832;
/12/1-3 Enclosures: correspondence relating to son's ill-health 1832; correspondence with W. H. Mill and F. Spring;

/13 Copy of letter to Valentine Coombes from J. Tucker 14 Sep 1833;

/14-15 Papers received 19 Feb 1834;
/14 Copy of letter to J. Tucker from W. Coombes relating to ordination of Valentine 13 Aug 1833;
/15 Copy of letter to J. Tucker from Valentine with testimonials (for ordination) 17 Aug 1833
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Administrative HistoryValentine Daniel, son of William Coombes, was a student at Madras under William Sawyer; the Corresponding Committee and some missionaries supported his application for training at Bishop's College Calcutta and hoped that he would be a catechist; his entry to the college was delayed but he worked as a catechist at Palamcotta under Rhenius and Schmid 1829-31; he entered the college in 1832 and was presented for ordination in 1833; his brother John Cookson [Aseervantham] died (from snake bite) while at school under Sawyer's tuition.


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