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TitleMiscellaneous letters to headquarters
Extent31 docs.
Description/1 Samuel Hough: Cornhill: sends extract of letter from son Rev. James Hough, Palamcotta relating to establishment of schools for girls 1820;
/2 Dr. Augustus Caemmerer: Tranquebar 1822;
/3 J. Clulow: Grove, Clapham, Surrey: sends [missing] letter urging extension of mission work to Telegu country 1829;
/4 Rev. T. Dealtry: Madras: on way to Bengal: relating to disunity of Madras Corresponding Committee and discord between lay and clerical members [see O33] 1829;
/5 J. A. Regel: Palamcotta: working at seminary under Rev. William Sawyer 1830;
/6 Thomas Robson, assistant surgeon and vaccinator in Coucan Bombay Establishment: Cannanore: urges need of Norton's work at Alleppie 1832;
/7A-B Letter in Syriac from Mar Dionysius Metran of Travancore to Professor Samuel Lee with translation [1832];
/8 G. J. Casamajor: member of Madras Corresponding Committee: Seetarampuram, Nellore: relating to committee business including references to riots at Bangalore, Chittore and Nellore 1832;
/9 Messrs. Hall and Bainbridge: Madras: relating to payments to CMS Madras 1833;
/10 Rev. C. Calthorpe: Tanjore: letter of introduction for Mr. Watkins 1839;
/11 Findlay Anderson: Mangalore: sends to Dandeson Coates copy of letter to Dr. Hoffman, Basel Evangelical Missionary Society relating to establishment by subscription of English school for Hindus at Mangalore: CMS to hope to provide a schoolmaster 1841;
/12 Lancaster Grey de Raleigh: Madras: was engineer sergeant of Palamcotta when Rev. Charles Rhenius engaged him as catechist Sep 1832; asks for arrears of pay due following disconnexion, because of ill-health; encloses extracts from correspondence with secretary of Corresponding Committee 1841;
/13 William Krauss: Madras: has been appointed to Grammar School and Trinity Chapel; plans to return in 1851 to family in Calcutta 1850;
/14 John Walker and H. Stokes to J. M. Strachan: Ootacamund: write as friends of Rev. Bernhard Schmid relating to his financial situation 1852;
/15 J. Mathews: Pallam: complaining against actions of Rev. Henry Baker junior allegedly against Mathews 1852;
/16 Richard Firth: Madras: relating to special trains run on Sundays to Companypet and Trivelloor for Hindu festivals, asking for support of CMS and other societies in England against consequent British government abuse of Sunday 1857;
/17 Wilfred H. Lawson: Ootacamund, Nilgherries: application as missionary candidate 1857;
/18-19 Rev. Thomas Brotherton: Sawyerpuram, Tuticorin: relating to trouble between son-in-law Rev. R. H. Vickers and Rev. J. Peet 1858;
/20 A. R. Symonds: Madras: sends dozen copies of his newly published missionary map of Tinnevelly 1861;
/21 Richard Hawkins: Madras: had worked in CMS office Madras 1834-36 as clerk, 1836-56 as head clerk and was dismissed by Corresponding Committee when ill; appeals for financial help and sends copies of testimonials 1862;
/22 F. Haig: Dummagudem: long letter relating to Upper Godavery mission (based at Dummagudem) including reference to Mr. Edmonds work amongst Telegu [see O89] 1863;
/23 Rev. R. Murphy: Madras: relating to work amongst Muslims at Harris School and account of prize-giving 1863;
/24 Rev. R. Murphy: Madras: relating to floods in Telegu mission [Bezwada]; has replaced lost documents 1865;
/25 A Christian: Madras: points out that use of term "half-caste" (in 'Quarterly Token' Apr 1865) is offensive to East Indians and Eurasians 1865;
/26 W. J. van Someren: Madras: secretary Doveton Protestant College: relating to sending out from England successor to Miss Hoblyn 1866;
/27 Sophia Bliss: Madras: secretary Madras Native Female Education Society: relating to appointment of Mrs. Vicars as superintendent Native Central School, Black Town, Madras (as successor to Mrs. Winckler) 1867;
/28 Henry Morris: Rajahmundry: relating to transfer of Rajahmundry from American Evangelical Lutheran mission to CMS; gives history of mission with sketch plan of area covering Guntoor, Dummagudem, Samulcotta and Machilipatnam ('Masulipatam') 1868;
/29 J. Aikman: Harris School, Royapetta, Madras: sends [missing] two English copies of Hindustani book 'Sutarat tul Kitaub' issued to Muslims in Madras Nov 1867, with comments on its reception and influence 1869;
/30 Vadahmuttu Swamikannu, CMS catechist: Nanjankulam, Palamcotta: long letter about the lost tribes of Israel [in Tamil] 1873;
/31 J. Murray Mitchell: Free Church of Scotland Foreign Missions, Edinburgh: relating to constitution of Madras Christian College 1876
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