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TitleTracts, pamphlets and newspapers
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Description/1-12 Tracts and pamphlets including:
/1A-F Tracts (Nos. 3-8) published by Madras Corresponding Committee Church Mission Press, Madras 1821:
A. 'A short and easy catechism' [Tamil];
B. 'A recommendation of schools' [Tamil];
C. 'An interpretation of a heavenly prophecy': composed by Rev. J. Hough [Tamil];
D. ['An explanation of God's prophecies in the Bible'] [Tamil];
E. 'A conversation between a Catholic and a Protestant on the worshipping of images' [English];
F. [Discussion between a Brahmin and a Christian'] [Tamil];
/2 'The Story of the Cross or the History of Jesus': adapted to the understanding of children and designed for the use of schools or as a reward book: by Robert Newstead: Madras: reprinted at Church Mission Press from second London edition revised;
/3 Union spelling book [Malayalim] 1831;
/4 Mr. Judson's letter to missionary candidates [Rev. A. Judson, Moulmein] 1832;
/5 Mr. Judson's letter: to the female members of Christian Churches in the United States of America and earnestly recommended to the serious and prayerful consideration of all Christian Women in India: published Philadelphia 1832: reprinted Madras 1833 [advocating simplicity of dress, proposing setting-up of Plain Dress societies and the selling of superfluous ornaments for charity];
/6 'Defects of the present system of missions': from the South Indian Repository 1837: by a Subscriber [urges need for missionaries to spend all their time with natives and not to become involved with English work];
/7 'The Native Herald' 'The Morning Comet': 13 Apr 1844: Vol. 3 No. 8: Baptism of Brahmin youth of nineteen, in the Free Church Mission House, Madras 29 Mar 1844;
/8 'The Dawn of True Wisdom': English translation of tract by Kathirvela Kavirayar: pp.477-492 of magazine [unnamed: covers missing] (describes way "in which the doctrine of the Trinity and the name of Protestantism came into the world");
/9 'The Madras Journal of Education': Vol. XII No. 10 or No. 142: Oct 1870: contents include extracts from report on education in Madras 1870;
/10 'Prospectus of a review of education in India': with special reference to missions: by John Murdoch: Madras, Caleb Foster, Foster Press, Vepery 1872;
/11 'Our Industrial Status': a lecture by H. H. the First Prince of Travancore [Rama Varma] to the Trevandrum Debating Society 26 Sep 1874: Church Mission Press, Cottayam 1874;
/12 'Account of a recent visit to the SPG mission Tinnevelly' by Rev. J. M. Strachan: Madras, Lawrence Asylum Press 1878;

/13-19 Newspapers:
/13 'The Seventh Day' or 'The Sacred Treasury': A Prospectus [1832]; B-D Vol. II No. 51, 53, 55: Jun 14, 28, Jul 12 1834: includes article relating to caste amongst Christians in South India 1834;
/14A-B 'The Christian Magazine': Vol. 1 Nos. 26-27: 5, 12 Dec 1835: includes articles urging establishment of parochial schools 1835;
/15 'The Madras Miscellany'or 'Thursday Budget': Vol. 1, No. 3 9 Feb 1837: obituary notice of Bishop Corrie 1837;
/16 'Treasury of Knowledge': No. 17 Dec 1874: English and Tamil: printed Church Mission Press, Cottayam 1874: includes article relating to Syrian Church of Malabar [in Tamil] 1874;
/17 'Madras Male Asylum Herald': No. 138 10 Dec 1834: includes article on the Nilgherries 1834;
/18 'The Conservative': Vol. 2 No. 11 7 Feb 1837: includes obituary of Bishop Corrie; also account of coronation of Emperor of Austria 1837;
/19 'The Madras Crescent': No. 283: 14 Nov 1846: supporting Mr. Lewin and Hindu cause against missionaries following correspondence in 'Athenaeum' and other papers
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