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TitleHarley, Rev. Henry
Extent85 items
DescriptionMadras, visiting Prippajore, Poonamallee and Valavaram 1836; Tinnevelly, with outlying districts, Palamcotta seminary 1837-1839; Travancore: Cochin with Kunankullam and Trippointerra 1839-1841; Trichur with Kunankullam and Moolicherry 1842-1857; Madras: Perambore 1861-1863
/1-10 Letters 1836-37, 1853, 1857-58, 1861, 1863;

/11-50 Journals (detailed entries): 1836-47, 1851-52 including:
/14 Journey from Madras (1 Jan) to Palamcotta (5 Feb) mentions meeting missionaries of other societies on the way including C. S. Kohlhoff: 2 Feb 1837 Madura describes meeting Rev. Poor, of American Presbyterian Society (formerly of Jaffna, Ceylon) with details of his work;
/16 Nov 1837 visit to Tinnevelly district (Pannikullam, Erlandapuram, Chattirapatti, Oneikullam, Villitchari, Assoor) Rajahpalayem district (Vaniannpatti, Thulakankullam, Streevalaputtur, Sembagapuram) VII district (Veeranum, Karaventavoor, Sendamaram, Pulayankudi, Taleivenkatie);
/17 Includes visits to villages in Satankullam district, Kadatchapuram district Jan - Mar 1838;
/18 Visit to Satankullam district Apr - May 1838;
/19 Visit to 1st district (Villicherry, Settalie) 8th district (Sivilasamuttiram, Tulakaputty, Kalyanapuram, Pavanasum, Thenkavi, Courtallum, Vallum, Kuruvencotei) Jul - Sep 1838;
/20 11th district (Arooloor, Asirvadapuram, Paneikullam, Chettakullam, Sandoshapuram, Pallankullam, Vayattalingapuram, Kuppapuram Kurippenkullam, Pudookkudi, Streevygoondam, Athalikullam) Oct - Nov 1838; 7th district Kuruvencotei, Nalloor, Kurippenkullam, Veeranum, Atchagundam, Veeregerelampudoor, Aladapatti, Soorandei, Parakandapuram, Kallidukuritchy, Ambasamuttiram) Nov - Dec 1838;
/21 Jan - Feb 1839 8th or Shenkullam district (Mukudal, Birmadesam, Kalyanapuram, Pottelputtoor, Thenkasi, Vallum, Pombalipattinam, Vlattoor, Manakedu, Sakamputty, Pullankulam, Aneinjaservakarenpatti, Shulakaputty, Sivilasamuttiram; 5-9 Mar: examination of Cochin Boys' school; Mar Tiruwankullam school, Kandinadu school;
/22 Includes half-yearly report, with detailed statistics for Cochin mission, includes daily attendance at schools at Cochin, Jew Town, Tripponitura, Kunnankullam, Candenad, Teruwankullam, Punnachali and Katapadi; Jan - Jun 1839: Jun 1839 includes reference to Roman Catholic priest (with copies in Latin and Portuguese of his letters of orders, account of upbringing etc.);
/23 1 Jul - 30 Sep 1839 with list of daily attendance of boys' schools at end;
/24/1 Oct - Dec 1839 visit to outstations: Katapadi, Purinyi, Trichoor, Puthakudu, Chellai, Vaipeen, Muttancherry, Chacaangadi;
/24/2 Includes half-yearly report of Cochin mission and list of daily attendance at schools;
/25 Includes daily attendance at schools; Jan - Mar 1840 includes visits to outstations: Parinyi, Trichoor, Karunapurinyi, Muttenpalli, Chancaangadi, Muttancherry, Angacamale;
/26 Apr - Jun 1840 includes daily attendance at schools; includes visit to outstations: Chetwaye, Parinyi, Kotapadi, Tripponitura, Candenad, Chellai, Muttancherry, Vaipeen, Chacaangadi, Angacamale;
/27 Jul - Sep 1840 includes daily attendance at schools: Cochin, Jew Town, Kunnankullam, Tripponitura, Candenad, Tiruwankullam, Parinyi, Kotapadi, Punnachali; visit to outstations: Trichoor, Challichary, Kotapadi, Muttancherry, Angacamale], Tiruwankullam, Punnachali;
/28/1-2 Oct - Dec 1840;
/1 Includes visit to outstations: Kotapadi, Kun[n]ankullam, Parinyi;
/2 Half-yearly report and daily attendances at schools [as /27];
/29 Jan - Mar 1841: includes daily attendance at schools; includes visits to: Chellai, Muttancherry, Angacamale, Tripponitura [16 Feb Kaniasery, a Syrian church] Tiruwankullam, Punnachali, Trichoor, Parinyi;
/30/1-2 Apr - Jun 1841;
/1 Journal: (at back) lists of subjects studied by each class at Cochin school [English and Malayalim classes];
/2 Half-yearly report of Cochin mission and daily attendances at schools;
/31 Jul - Sep 1841: with lists of subjects studied at Cochin school [English and Malayalim classes] and daily attendances at schools;
/32/1-2 Oct - Dec 1841;
/1 With lists [as in /31];
/2 Half yearly report of Cochin mission;
/33 Jan - Mar 1842: includes report of Trichur female school with list of girls giving name, age and date of entry;
/34 [Harley was away Jul - Sep] Oct - Dec 1842: 17 Oct includes form of service [devised by Harley] for receiving a Roman Catholic into the Protestant faith at end; list of names and ages of congregation at Trichur: 140 names including 17 candidates for baptism, 21 Roman Catholics who wish to join Protestant faith; list of communicants (30); list of daily attendance of boys at schools at: Trichur, Kunnankullam and Parinyi;
/35 Jan - Mar 1843: includes Feb visit to Cottayam during visitation by bishop of Calcutta; daily attendances for schools: Trichur (English and Malayalim) Trichur Nayr, Trichur Chogan, Kunnankullam, Parinyi;
/36 Apr - Jun 1843: also list of daily attendances at schools: Trichur (English, Nayr, Chogan and Roman Catholic), Kunnankullam and Parinyi [pp.22-23 missing: removed by HQ clerk 1843];
/37 Jul - Sep 1843: includes daily attendances at schools;
/38 Oct - Dec 1843: includes daily attendances at schools and list of additional names (and ages) of Trichur congregation;
/39 Jan - Mar 1844: 18 -28 Mar visit to Palghaut and Coimbatore: 18 Mar mentions Elloovens tribe with Roman Catholic priest Beauclerc working amongst them; lists of daily attendances at schools [as in /37] also including Peyramungalum, Ancherry and Kocalakadi;
/40 Apr - Jun 1844: includes daily school attendances and half-yearly report of mission;
/41 Jul - Sep 1844: Sep 13 - 15 visit to Chetwaye; includes daily school attendances;
/42 Jan - Mar 1845: daily school attendances Trichur, Kunnankullam, Parinyi and Ancherry;
/43 Apr - Jun 1845: includes daily school attendances and half-yearly report of Trichur mission;
/44 Jul - Sep 1845: includes daily attendances;
/45 Jan - Mar 1846: 11 Jan: opening of Trichur church; includes daily school attendances;
/46 Jul - Sep 1846: daily attendances at schools;
/47 Jan - Mar 1847: abstract and summary of attendances;
/48 Jul - Sep 1847 [journal only];
/49 Mar 1851: visit to outstations: Kunnankullam, Kotapadi and Moolicherry;
/50 Jul - Sep 1852 [journal only];

/51-84 Quarterly and half-yearly reports: Jul - Sep 1837; Jan - Jun 1840; Jun - Dec 1842; Jan - Dec 1843; Jun - Dec 1844; Jun - Dec 1845; Jan - Dec 1846; Jan - Dec 1847; Jan - Dec 1848; Jan - Dec 1849; Jan - Dec 1850; Jan - Dec 1855; Jun - Dec 1856; Jan - Jun 1857;
/56 Includes journal Oct - Dec 1844 and daily school attendances (includes Chetwaye school); also names and ages of congregation (additional in 1844) [65 names]; also list of schoolmasters and readers, with location and type of employment;
/57 Includes journal Oct - Dec 1845 and daily school attendances;
/58/1 Report Jan - Jun 1846 with summary of Harley's duties performed weekly;
/58/2 Apr - Jun 1846: daily attendance lists;
/59 Includes list of Protestant congregation at Trichur (names and ages) (192 names) also names of candidates for baptism and communicants 1846;
/67 Includes account of Moolicherry and visit to outstations Kunnankullam and Parinyi Mar 1850;
/69 Includes visit to outstations, also appeal for completion of Trichur church, and routine of duties 1850;
/70 Includes report of Travancore Normal Female School run by Miss Hansford 1850;
/72 Report and journal of visit to outstations Sep 1851;
/74 Report and journal of visit to outstations Mar 1852;
/76 Includes visit to outstations (with meeting with Nayardis [tribe]) Dec 1852;
/77 1853: Trichur, Moolicherry, Kunnankullam and Putticaad;

/85 Annual letter for 1855
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