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TitleHarper, Rev. Henry
Extent58 docs.
DescriptionSecretary Madras Corresponding Committee Nov 1829 - Dec 1830
/1-57 Correspondence and papers 1830 including:
/1 Includes comments relating to James Ridsdale 1830;
/2 Includes brief reference to sending idols from Tinnevelly 1830;
/7 Relating to possible opening of mission at Mavaloor Coopum 1830;
/8 Relating to Tellicherry school 1830;
/14 Extracts from archdeacon's report of visit to Southern stations 1830;
/15 Discussion between archdeacon and Rhenius and B.Schmid relating to ordination of seminarists 1830;
/17 Minute relating to Perambore seminary 1830;
/19 Report of visit to southern missions by Archdeacon Robinson 1830;
/23 Includes circular relating to Nilgherry grammar school, also indent of articles for printing office 1830;
/25 Brief account of visit by Archdeacon Robinson to stations south of Madras [Chingleput, Mayaveram, Palamcotta, Dohnavur, Aleppie, Cottayam, Cochin and Coimbatore] [printed] 1830;
/26 Regulations relating to salaries [printed] 1830;
/27 Appeal for funds [printed] 1830;
/30-34 Tracts [printed] 1830;
/30 'The Churchman instructed in the use of the Book of Common Prayer';
/31 'The Churchman assigning his reasons for maintaining communion with the church of his forefathers, as by law established';
/32 'The Churchman in his closet after public worship';
/33 'The Churchman answering his godson's questions about loyalty, episcopacy and confirmation';
/34 'The Churchman on a sick bed';
/35 Appeal for funds [printed] 1830 (with lists of committee members and subscribers);
/39 A brief account of a visit ..... [see /19, 25] [printed] 14pp. 1830;
/40 Tract: 'The Churchman seriously called to a constant and devout attendance on the stated services of the Church of England' ..... by the late Rev. Thomas Robinson, vicar of St. Mary's, Leicester 1830;
/44 Includes reference to proposed Madras Church of England Society 1830;
/50 Mr. Stoat's improvements on Dr. Bell's system of teaching introduced into the Madras places of teaching 1830;
/53 Regulations for missionaries' salaries and allowances, and provision for widows [printed] 1830;
/54 'Government Gazette': 4 Nov 1830: page 1: includes proclamation of King William IV;
/55 'Madras Courier': 19 Oct 1830: pp.687-688: includes visitation of Madras by bishop of Calcutta;
/56 The form and manner of making and ordaining of priests and deacons according to the United Church of England and Ireland: Madras: Church Mission Press: Nov 1830 [printed: 14pp.] 1830;

/58 Letter to Harper from John H. Ryan, giving account of life (trained as Roman Catholic priest, but converted to Church of Ireland) 1823
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