Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O169
TitleMorewood, James Baker
Extent14 docs.
DescriptionSchoolmaster: Perambore, Madras 1829; Syrian College and grammar school Travancore, Cottayam [school for missionaires' children] 1830-1831; Nilgherries 1833
/1-7 Letters 1828-29, 1831, 1833, 1835 including:
/3 Includes reference to teaching young [Josiah] Rhenius, Schnarre and Barenbruck; also relating to difficulties with caste; relating to dispute between Mr. Bannister, secretary and Archdeacon Robinson, president of Madras Corresponding Committee 1829;
/5 Includes reference to Joseph Marsh 1831;
/6B Account of school examination 1833;
/8 Letter to mission secretary [Harper] 1830;

/9-10 Journal: 12 Oct 1828 - 12 Feb 1829; 22 Oct - 11 Nov 1830;
/11 Report 1830;
/12 List of books required for school at Nilgherry Hills 1829;
/13 Statement relating to pupils, sons of missionaries, giving date of admission, name, age, health, attainments, etc. and supplementary remarks: Timothy, Charles and Josiah Rhenius, Theophilus Barenbruck, Benjamin Lyons Walcot and Thomas Norton 1831;
/14 Medical certificate 1833
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