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TitleNorton, Rev. Thomas
Extent100 docs.
DescriptionTravancore: Alleppie 1819-1840; with Cottayam Press 1838
/1-63 Letters 1819-38, 1848-49 including:
/2 From Mrs. Ann Norton 1819;
/5 Certified copies of letters from Robert Gordon (late acting Resident Quilon) to Norton relating to Norton's work as judge 1819;
/7 Creed in Malayalim translated by Norton [1820];
/10 Includes reference to Ann Tomlinson [of England] 1821;
/12 Copy extract of letter from Mrs. Norton to a lady at H--- 1821;
/14 Relating to death of Mrs. Ann Norton 1822;
/16 Copy of declaration of conversion to Protestantism by Francis D'Souza, Roman Catholic 1822;
/19 Relating to marriage of Miss [Eliza Collins] Lee of Colombo on 1 Oct 1824;
/21 Relating to death of Mrs. Eliza Collins Norton 1826;
/22 Relating to voyage to India including reference to death of Miss Baker 1827;
/30 Includes request for medicines 1828;
/31 Cover [provided by HQ clerk] has note relating to ticket for CMS anniversary to be procured for Miss Thomas of Tooting Lodge by Mr. Russell Gurney 1828;
/32 Letter from Mrs. Sarah Norton with detailed account of work amongst girls 1829;
/33A Includes reference to Rev. D. Poor, American missionary at Jaffna; also relating to need for help with printing press 1830;
/33B Letter from Dewan Vencata Row to Norton giving government permission for money to be allocated to work amongst children 1829;
/39 Relating to sending son [Thomas] to England for education 1831;
/40 Letter from Mrs. Sarah Norton 1831;
/41A-F Relating to failure of financial support for boarding schools with [/B] copy of letter to mission secretary; [/C] estimate of expense of buildings; [/D] copy of letter to Major Cadogan, acting British Resident; [/E] copy of correspondence with W. Munro; [/F] copies of correspondence with mission secretary 1831;
/42A-B Relating to financial support of schools with [/B] copies of correspondence with mission secretary 1831;
/42A Includes reference to death of Bishop J. M. Turner 1831;
/43 Includes brief reference to Bristol riots after Emancipation Bill 1832;
/44A Includes reference to death of William Sawyer, also criticisms of Madras Corresponding Committee 1832;
/44B Obituary notice for Gyanaprakashum [1831];
/46B Copies of correspondence with mission secretary [Spring] relating to financial matters 1832;
/48 Letter from Miss Sarah Norton 1833;
/50 Relating to supplies needed for Cottayam Press 1833;
/52B-E Specimens of English composition by boys in Alleppie school 1834;
/57 Relating to death of Mrs. Sarah Norton 1837;
/58 Includes reference to Miss Carew of Bristol 1837;
/62-63 Letters from Mrs. Sophia C. Norton 1848-49;

/64-89 Journals and journal extracts: Jun - Dec 1819; Jan - Sep 1820; Apr - Dec 1821; Jan - Dec 1822; Jan - Dec 1823; Jan - Jul 1824; Aug - Dec 1830; Jan - Dec 1831; Jan - Dec 1832; Jan - Dec 1833; Jan - Dec 1834; Jan - Dec 1835; Jan - Dec 1836; Jan - Mar, Jul - Dec 1837; Jan - Dec 1838; Apr - Dec 1839;
/77A-B With covering letter to mission secretary 1832;
/78A-C With covering letters to mission secretary [1832];

/90 Report for 1829;
/91-93 Account of Alleppie schools: lists scholars with names, classes and lessons Feb - Nov 1819;
/91 Schoolmaster: H. Barents, pariah;
/92-93 Schoolmaster: Frederick Isaac Barents, born at Cochin, Protestant, Dutch;
/94 Account of Alleppie schools, congregation and church 1819;
/95-97 Summary (statistics) of stations, teachers, congregations, seminarists, schools, scholars and occurrences Jul - Nov 1830;
/98 Return of Alleppie school: names of boys in each class and subjects studied [1836];
/100 List of books distributed [watermark 1826]
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