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TitlePeet, Rev. Joseph
Extent99 docs.
DescriptionTravancore: Cottayam, Syrian College 1833-1838; Mavelikara 1838-1864
/1-64 Letters 1833-34, 1847-50, 1854-56, 1858-64 including:
/1With account of voyage including detailed descriptions of dealings with passengers 1833;
/5A Encloses [/5B] 'rough notes of a few of the leading circumstances connected with the formation and establishment of the Church of Mission at Mavelicara and its substations' 1847;
/6A Paper with copies of correspondence and papers 1843-45 relating to trouble at Mavelicare from local government allegations of misappropriation of land purchased by Peet for mission; also relating to difficulties between Syrians and the rajah of Travancore; also relating to standing of Protestant Christian converts in relationship to other Christian denominations and caste; relating to trouble with Tahsildar [see /94-96] [1847];
/6B A brief account of the commencement of the mission at Malapali, one of the outstations of the Maveli[c]ar[e] mission; with plan of mission lands showing owners of surrounding properties [1847];
/6C Rough notes on some of the difficulties connected with the commencement and settlement of the mission at Mavelikara [1847];
/8 Includes reference to technical faults of church building through being too European; also relating to principles of perfect equality in mission affairs 1850;
/9B Relating to alleged interference with LMS Quilon mission, misunderstanding with Mr. Moody and the Madras Corresponding Committee including copies of correspondence and resolutions 1854;
/10 Includes reference to Syrian church with particular reference to the Metran 1854;
/18 Statement sent to bishop of Madras, Committee of Correspondence and Madras Corresponding Committee: relating to condition of Syrian church and trouble arising from political status of the bishop as a go-between in law between the Dewan and the Syrians, with particular reference to Mar Anthanasius, and future problems of status of converted Syrian priests if employed in CMS work 1859;
/21 Detailed comments on faults of North India Itinerating scheme; includes very detailed account of childhood impressions of English clergy and his own call to the mission-field; description of meeting Captain Alan Gardiner in 1847 and his comments on incipient failure of Gardiner's South American scheme of mission; urges vital necessity for knowledge of colloquial speech and patois, difficulties caused by it being an area already evangelised by Schwartz (with ensuing evil of baptising people previously converted and reverted) 1860;
/22 Detailed account of progress of Mavelikara mission including legal right gained of Christians to hold property in their own Christian names (thereby helping to combat caste difficulties); gives examples of oppositions from 1838 onwards (with vivid descriptions) 1860;
/25A Very detailed discussion of church and mission buildings with sketches and plans, showing superiority of local methods rather than imported European designs, with particular reference to Mavelikara mission house and Alleppie church 1861;
/25B-C Ground and wall plans of Mavelikara bungalow 1861;
/26A Detailed comments on missionary methods in North Tinnevelly and particular misconceptions of caste and poverty, the establishment of mission orphanages and industrial work leading to dependence on European missionaries; comments on methods suitable for New Zealand or Europe but not for India; advocates strict impartiality to all castes where European missionaries have influence with government officials, refusal to support Christian converts financially in any way, required converts to live away from unconverted family (and obtaining their share of property to gain independence) 1861;
/26B Letter to Peet from Jacob Mathai, Cottayam CM Press, [one of Peet's proteges] 1861;
/28 Relating to conversion of Brahmin family, [Justus Joseph] 1861;
/29 Includes much reference to influence on Peet of Josiah Pratt and comments relating to Pratt's son Archdeacon [J. H.] Pratt afflicted with modernism 1861;
/30 Relating to movement to amalgamate Christianity with reformed type of Hinduism 1862;
/31 Includes reference to Alleppie 1862;
/33-34 Relating to status of Indian clergy 1863;
/33 Includes copy of letter to Rev. Richard Collins at Cottayam 1863;

/65-68 Letters to mission secretary 1840, 1844-45, 1863:
/65 With account of mission work 1840;
/66 Report of mission including reference to Syrian church with 'Story of the true Cross' 1844;
/67 Extract of private letter headed 'Nine Mercies' 1845;

/68 Protests against changes in staffing of mission, including reference to Mr. Chandy at Tiruwella and Mr. Matthan at Mallapalli 1863;
/69 Detailed account of visit to Elanthur village church: includes brief reference to China rebellion raising price of copper Aug 1858;

/70-82 Reports 1835-36, 1850, 1852, 1856-61 including:
/75 Report of Tiruwella mission 1856;
/77 Report of Alleppie mission 1856;
/79A Includes report of Tiruwella mission, also translations of legal proceedings of Tahsildar and Dewan against Peet 1858;
/79B Duplicate of part of /79A;
/81 Describes in detail personal methods of missionary work [particularly amongst Muslims] including beliefs and spiritual journey from childhood [with references to influence of Edward Gibbon and Edward Irving, also dislike of Sargent's biography of Henry Martyn] 1860;

/83-85 Annual letters for 1855, 1860, 1862 including:
/85 Includes review of twenty-five year's work at Mavelikara 1862;

/86-92 Statements, memoranda and papers concerning Corresponding Committee matters 1854-63:
/86 Relating to abortive proposal for London Missionary Society to transfer to CMS its work at Quilon 1854;
/87 Relating to opposition in India to Christianity 1859;
/88 On re-marriage law proposed by bishop of Calcutta 1859;
/89 Circular to CMS clergy in Travancore and Cochin relating to preparation of hymns in vernacular 1859;
/90-92 Relating to Cambridge Nicholson Institution at Cottayam and principalship of Rev. G. Matthan 1863;
/90 Copy of resolutions relating to G. Matthan of Cottayam and alleged tendency to Syrianism [particularly prayers to dead (see also /92)] 1863;
/91 Relating to proposed site of vernacular school 1863;
/92 Statements relating to Syrian church, efforts to reform it and relationships between it and Peet's work at Mavelikara mission 1863;

/93 Medical certificate 1864;
/94-96 Letters from Dewan of Travancore 1843-45 dealing with trouble with government officials over purchase of land at Mavelikara [see /6A];
/97/1-3 Essays by boys on 'on justification of faith' and 'Is it lawful to pray to the Virgin Mary ?' [1835];
/98 'A Search for Truth or Conversation on the Hindoo, Jewish, Christian and Mahomedan religions especially designed for the benefit of the native youth of India studying the 'Languages and Literature of Europe' by...of...[J. Peet] 1845 405pp. (4 parts);

/99/1-11 English translations of Syrian services: Rev. J. Peet;
/1 Mass (with altar-book rubrics) and introduction by Peet explaining lay-out of church and describing the things the Syrian clergy felt were essential for their services (including vestments) 1834 [with pencilled comments by ?London];
/2 The liturgy of St. James [1837];
/3 Baptism service [1837];
/4 Marriage service [1837];
/5 Ordination services [1837];
/6 Service for Christmas Day [1838];
/7 Service for night of the Epiphany [1838];
/8 Service for Ash Wednesday [1838];
/9 Service for Sunday before Easter [1838];
/10 Arabic letters in Syriac character;
/11 Copies of Syriac letters etc..
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