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TitlePettitt, Rev. George
Extent66 docs.
DescriptionMadras: Perambore 1833-1834; Tinnevelly: Palamcotta dsitrict 1835-1846
/1-11 Letters 1833-36, 1839, 1841, 1843, 1845 including:
/1 Relating to voyage (includes reference to Miss Smyth) 1833;
/3 Includes reference to Joseph Wolff in Madras 1833;
/4 Relating to Madras Corresponding Committee, relationship of bishop to MCC and to CMS, inadvisability of having chaplains on committee 1834;
/6 Detailed account of controversy over Rhenius 1836;
/7 Relating to death of Rev. J. Marsh in Colombo and appeal on behalf of his family 1839;

/12-45 Journals: 26 Sep - Dec 1833; Jan - Jun 1834; Apr, Jul - Oct 1835; Feb, Apr - May, Oct 1836; May, Aug, Nov - Dec 1837; Feb - Mar, May, Jul - Oct, Dec 1838; Feb - May, Jul - Aug, Oct - Dec 1839; Jan - Dec 1840; Jan - Mar 1841; Jan - Dec 1842; Jan - Oct 1843; Feb - Dec 1844; Jan - Dec 1845 including:
/13 Visit to country stations Apr 1835;
/14 Visit to districts of Kuruvenkotei and Shenkullam, Satankullam, Dohnavur and Paneikullam Jul - Oct 1835;
/15 Visit to districts of Mengnanapuram 1836;
/16 Includes notes of baptisms of children with names of parents and dates of birth; baptisms of adults give ages and names; has much relating to Rhenius and the effect of the schism 1836;
/17 Visit to Tinnevelly 1st district (Pannikullam, Vilicherry) Oct 1836;
/18 Visit to 10th district and to Nagercoil mission Dec 1836;
/20 Journey to 8th district Aug 1837;
/25 Visit to 9th district Sep - Oct 1838;

/46 Report to Madras Corresponding Committee of visit by Pettitt and Rev. J. Thomas to Madras and Ceylon Feb - Mar 1846; to enquire into state of Tamil coolies on coffee estates: visited Baddegama, Colombo and Kandy (report relating to coolies from Mrs. Kelly, owner of coffee estate); includes notes of meeting with Rev. W. Oakley 1846;
/47 Notes of interview between Marquis Tweeddale, Rev. J. Tucker, Rev. J. Thomas and Pettitt relating to mass conversions in Tinnevelly 1846;

/48-63 Half-yearly reports, lists of congregations and schools 1838-46 including:
/48 Signed by Pettitt, J. Thomas, Edward Dent, John Devasagayam 1838;
/49 Signed by Pettitt, H. Harley, Edward Dent, John Devasagayam 1839;
/51,53 Signed by Pettitt, Stephen Hobbs, Dent and Devasagayam 1840-41;
/52 Signed by Pettitt, Hobbs and Devasagayam 1840;

/64 Tinnevelly Tamil Book Society: second annual report (Pettitt treasurer) 1841;
/65 Tinnevelly Catechists' Widows Fund: translation of annual report 1843-44 [Pettitt secretary and treasurer] 1844;
/66 Account of visit by Pettitt to Palamcotta district (pp.17-23 only) [1854: after
transfer to Ceylon mission 1850]
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