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TitleRagland, Rev. Thomas Gajetan
Extent501 docs.
DescriptionSecretary Madras Corresponding Committee Jan 1847 - Feb 1852: North Tinnevelly Itinerancy 1854-1858 [C. A. Browne acting 31 Dec 1850 - 24 Jul 1851]
/1-474 Correspondence and papers as mission secretary 1846-52 including:
/1 Letter reporting arrival; gives detailed account of CMS work at Cairo particularly relating to Rev. Kruse and Rev. and Mrs. Lieder 1846;
/11 Paper relating to examination of candidates for Tinnevelly CM Institution 1846;
/17 Obituary notice: Peter, inspecting catechist Surandei district Tinnevelly 1847;
/26 Papers relating to examination of candidates for Tinnevelly CM Institution 1847;
/31 Letter from George Huffton, relating to school at Palamcotta (helping Stephen Hobbs) 1847;
/33 Relating to death of M. Weiss, Palamcotta 1847;
/54-55,64 Relating to Ragland's licence to officiate in CM church, Popham's Broadway Madras 1847;
/63 Cottayam press: statement of current account 1847;
/67 Papers relating to salaries of Indian clergy 1844 [sic];
/83 Indent for medicines 1847;
/91 Relating to Travancore mission and possible retirement of Mr. Bailey 1847;
/109 Palamcottah Institution: list of students (7 names) with age, studies, remarks etc. 1847;
/118 Relating to baptism of William Thomas Sattianadhan (Tiruwengudum) 1847;
/165 List of government securities held in trust by CMS 1845 [CMS Local Fund, Telegu mission fund, Cottayam College fund];
/166 List of government securities held in trust by CMS for specific purposes [local funds] 1844;
/181 Opinions of missionaries relating to practicability of native Christian parents being induced to pay for the education of their children 1848;
/190 Tinnevelly Catechists' Widows Fund: notes 1848;
/196 List of CMS property, plans and title deeds, Madras 1848;
/206 Notes relating to position of native agents and their salaries 1848;
/209 Essays by students of Palamcottah seminary 1848;
/210 Tinnevelly institution: copies of baptismal certificates for students (8 names) 1848;
/229,244 Correspondence between Mrs. Sarah Norton and Mrs. E. Bailey relating to return to India of Sarah and Eliza Norton 1848;
/265 Correspondence relating to possible ordination of Thomas Spratt, Cottayam College 1849;
/266,276-278 Correspondence relating to alleged irregularities by Rev. R. T. Noble and withdrawal of his licence by bishop of Madras 1849;
/267-269 Indents for medicines 1849;
/291 Tinnevelly institution: report by Rev. E. Sargent including time-table 1849;
/317 Statement relating to dismissal of all CMS agents in Dohnavur district (following misconduct of E. Dent) 1849;
/328 Memorandum relating to Catechists' Widows' Fund 1849;
/334 Medical certificate: P. P. Schaffter 1849;
/339 Subscriptions list for Fox memorial 1880;
/363 Letter from Vaithanayagam [Vedhanayagam Pillai] Palamcotta 1850;
/371 T. G. Ragland: licence as priest 1850;
/381 Corresponding Committee regulations 1850;
/387 Includes list of idols and curios sent to London 1850;
/390 Calcutta native catechists and readers' widows and orphan fund: rules 1850;
/391 Old and new Catechists' and widows' fund: report by Rev. W. Clark 1850;
/412 Includes essay by Rungiah, pupil of W. Cruikshank and Wilson, scholar at [?Palamcotta] school 1851;
/421 Indent for supplies for Cottayam mission press 1850;
/431 Draft regulations for re-opening of Cottayam College 1851;
/439-442 Madras Training Institution: statement and appeal [printed] 1851;
/445,453 Relating to state of Tinnevelly mission 1851;
/450 List of all children of CMS missionaries in South India giving names and dates of birth 1851 (74 names);
/452 Reports relating to T. Y. Darling 1851;
/454 Tinnevelly: ground plan, elevations and particulars of Indian clergyman's house 1851;
/458 Comments/references for John Spratt, Joseph Cornelius and Walter Darling 1851;
/465 Correspondence relating to missionaires in Tinnevelly taking leave of absence to visit Courtallum 1850-51;
/466 Report relating to building bungalow at Moolicherry 1851;
/474 Correspondence relating to Moondakaiyum 1852;

/475-479 Letters to headquarters 1854, 1857-58;
/480 Letter to bishop of Madras reporting death of Rev. Charles Every 1857;
/481 Letter to Col. C. A. Browne relating to possibility of Meadows, or John Spratt joining itinerancy work 1854;
/482-493 Journals, journal extracts and half-yearly reports of Ragland, Rev. D. Fenn and Rev. R. R. Meadows [listing villages visited]: Jan 1854 - Jun 1858;
/494 Sivagasi district: half-yearly report by Ragland Jan - Jun 1854;
/495 Account of Kalbothi converts by Ragland, Fenn and Meadows 1856;

/496-500 Annual letters for 1854-57 including:
/500 For Sivagasi district 1857;

/501 Map showing villages in district covering area between Srivlilliputtur, Sivagasi, Virdooputty and Peyrioor (including Vellore) 1854
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