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TitleRhenius, Rev. Charles Theophilus Ewald
Extent116 docs.
DescriptionMadras 1820; Tinnevelly: Palamcotta 1820-1836
/1-21 Letters 1820, 1826-28, 1830-31, 1833-36 including:
/1 Includes defence relating to joining in worship with Free Church missionaries 1820;
/2-3 Signed by Rhenius and B.Schmid protesting against missionaries being subordinated to the Madras Corresponding Committee [1820];
/3 With pencilled comments [by HQ];
/4 Relating to need for institution for education of missionaries' children either in England or in Nilgherries [signed by Rhenius and B. Schmid] 1827;
/7B Address to all CMS members urging financial support needed for mission [following drop in CMS income] signed by Rhenius, B. Schmid and C. Winckler 1828;
/8 Extract of private letter relating to purchase of land for mission 1830;
/11 Relating to ordination of Indian candidates proposed by Rhenius and Schmid, difficulties of subscribing to articles and desire to ordain in the Lutheran rather the Anglican form 1831;
/13 Signed by Rhenius, P. Schaffter and J. J. Muller 1833;
/14 Relating to son Josiah 1834;
/15 List of books needed for Palamcotta mission library 1834;
/17-18 Relating to Rev. H. Harper's 'The Church, her daughters and handmaidens', Rhenius' review of it and subsequent newspaper correspondence [leading to Rhenius' disconnexion] 1834;
/20-21 Letters relating to disconnexion 1835-36;

/22-24 Letters to mission secretary 1819, 1821, 1830 including:
/24 Appeal to Christians throughout Calcutta diocese for support of CMS 1830;

/25-80 Journals: 5 Jul - Dec 1819; Jan - Dec 1820; Apr - Dec 1821; Jan - Dec 1822; Jan - Dec 1823; Jan - Dec 1824; Jan - Dec 1825; Jan - Dec 1826; Jan - Dec 1827; Jan - Dec 1828; Jan - Dec 1829; Jan - Dec 1830; Jan - Dec 1831; Jan - Dec 1832; Jan - Dec 1833; Jan - Dec 1834; Jan - Mar 1835;

/81-96 Reports, lists of congregations and statistics 1828-34;
/81 Description of Tinnevelly district including list of castes: signed by Rhenius and b Schmid 1822;
/82 List of congregations 1828;
/96 Signed by Rhenius, P. Schaffter, J. J. Muller, J. M. Lechler 1834;
/97-107 Statistics, lists and papers relating to schools 1819-21, 1826, 1830-31 including:
/97-99 Madras mission school 1819-20;
/101 Rules for Tinnevelly schools 1821;
/102 Account of half-yearly exam of Palamcottah male seminary: gives names, date of admission, age, village of origin, religion, account of studies, comments on character (38 names) 1826;
/108 Copy of petition from inhabitants of Arrooloor to governor of Madras on behalf of Jovan, Gnanamuttu and Moses, imprisoned in Madura for alleged perjury relating to murder of Pedroo Nadan of Arrooloor 1827;
/109 Letter to Rev. Deocar Schmid, Calcutta from Rhenius and B. Schmid with detailed statement relating to origin and progress of Tinnevelly mission answering statements in Calcutta newspapers 1827;
/110 Remarks relating to map of Tinnevelly [not present] 1829;
/111/1-2 A review of a work [by H. Harper] entitled 'The Church, her daughters and handmaidens, her pastors and people etc.' by C. T. E. Rhenius missionary: MS copy 1832 and printed 1834;
/112 Observations on the Tamul language with particular reference to the translation of the Holy Scriptures into it: written in Dec 1819 by C. T. E. Rhenius 1819;
/113 List of medicines belonging to CMS left at Palamcotta Dec 1834;
/114 Memorandum on affairs in Tinnevelly mission with particular reference to Rev. George Pettitt 1836;
/115 Remarks on Rev. J. Tucker's Review of the Tinnevelly Mission Oct 1836 (25pp.) by Rhenius 1837;
/116 Plan: lecturing bungalow for the Palamcottah mission seminarists [watermark 1821]
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