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TitleSargent, Rev. Edward
Extent63 docs.
DescriptionTinnevelly: Palamcotta district 1835-1836; Suviseshapuram district 1843-1850; Palamcotta district 1852-1875; with Alvaneri district 1856, Dohnavur district 1870, and Nallur, Pannikullam, Paneivilei, Nallammalpuram (part of Suviseshapuram district) 1874
/1-21 Letters 1855, 1857-1858, 1860-1861, 1866-1867, 1870, 1875-1877 including:
/4 Includes reference to way of dealing with young converts 1860; also report for 1859;
/6 Signed by Sargent and Thomas Spratt relating to use of grant for Training Institution Palamcottah 1860;
/10 Relating to proposed Indian bishopric for Tinnevelly 1866;
/12 Relating to Rev. John Thomas of Mengnanapuram including death 1870;
/13 Sends detailed description of visit of Prince of Wales to Maniachi, Tinnevelly 10 Dec 1875;
/14A-B Sends exact copy [/B] of draft reply by Prince of Wales to the address of the clergy representing Tinnevelly missionary societies, showing pencilled corrections made by the Prince 1876;
/15A-B Address to Prince of Wales and reply [as /14B: printed] 1875;
/16 Translation of Tamil lyric sung at reception of Prince of Wales at Maniachi, Tinnevelly [printed] 1875;
/17 With copy of letter of thanks from Sir Bartle Frere following visit of Prince of Wales 1875;
/19A Encloses [/B] delayed letter relating to suffragan bishop, also comment relating to possibility of united church 1875;
/21 Includes reference to Luke Rivington 1877;

/22-23 Letters to mission secretary 1876:
/22 Relating to supervision of education, also relating to limit of responsibilites of church councils 1876;
/23 Relating to ordination of 27 Indians for Tinnevelly diocese, also reference to opening of church at Maruthakulam 1876;

/24-25 Journal: 7 Jul 1835 - 2 Dec 1836; Jul - Dec 1835; Jan - Dec 1836;

/26-42 Half-yearly reports 1843-1846, 1849, 1853, 1856, 1861, 1870-1871, 1875 including:
/40 Report of Preperandi Institution Palamcotta 1870;
/42 Report includes reference to visit of Sholto Douglas: also sections relating to districts of Palamcotta, Dohnavur, Panneivilei, Pannikulam, Nallur, Surandei and Nallamalpuram 1875;

/43-56 Annual letters for 1855-1858, 1861, 1863, 1867-1871, 1874-1876 including:
/44 Includes copy of letter from David Fenn relating to Brahmin convert Edward Nathaniel 1857;
/46 Includes reference to government support relating to right of Christians to use the public roads [see Peet O185]; gives detailed report relating to eight converts 1859;

/52 Includes comments on unjust enforcement by government of Act I 1858, relating to compulsory labour 1869;
/54 Relating to caste, particularly against government forcing Christians to be designated by caste, giving many instances of lack of caste feeling amongst Christians and general weakening of caste amongst villagers 1871;
/56 Includes sections on Palamcotta, Dohnavur, Nallur, Surandei, Pannikullam, Panneivilei and Nallamalpuram 1876;

/57-59 District pastorate statistics: 1869, 1875-1876 including:
/58 Includes remarks relating to character of Indian pastors 1875;
/59 Includes Mengnanapuram 1876;

/60 Tinnevelly Religious Tract Society: seventh annual report [translation] 1851 [Sargent secretary];
/61 Anonymous petition in Tamil with charges against [?] with covering explanatory letter by Sargent 1873;
/62 'Conversion and Baptism of a Hindoo Gentleman' by Sargent at Courtallum 1874 [printed];
/63 South India Widows' Fund: accounts 1876
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