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TitleSchmid, Rev. Ludwig Bernhard Ehregott
Extent122 docs.
DescriptionMadras 1819-1820; Tinnevelly: Palamcotta seminary 1821; Mayaveram 1834; Ootacamund and Nilgherries 1833; Germany 1837-1845; Ootacamund and Nilgherries 1848-1855; Calicut 1857

/1-36 Letters 1819-1821, 1823, 1827, 1829-1833, 1848-1855; much about language work including translations into Tamil, also Hebrew including:
/6 Relating to books on botany and other equipment needed for Palamcottah seminary; also enclosing list of books needed (22 titles) 1823;
/8 Includes reference to Mrs. Sherwood (foster-mother of Mrs. Schmid) 1827;
/10 Includes reasons for wanting to move to Satankullam and establish a grammar school with detailed plan of study 1830;
/11 Includes copy of letter to mission secretary Rev. F. Spring relating to Schmid's 'Tamil Chronology' and comments on printer's mistakes 1831;
/12A Includes reference to difficulties with Madras Corresponding Committee; also comment on proposed school for missionaries' children in Nilgherry Hills 1831;
/12B Correspondence with mission secretary, F. Spring, relating to need for elementary English schoolbooks 1831;
/12C Committee resolution and correspondence with mission secretary relating to financing of mission and trouble caused by delays in committee's dealing with requests 1830;
/13 Relating to proposed school at Satankullam and its subjects of study, urging use of Latin and Greek; also relating to differences in belief between Lutherans and Anglicans "what pain ..... proceedings of both committees have been giving me is evident from my correspondence with them ..... but things can scarcely be otherwise, when our principles clash" 1831;
/14 Comments relating to resignation 1832;
/18-23 Relating to financial affairs after retirement in India 1848-1850;
/23 Includes reference to education of his children with list of births 1850;
/24 Relating to Ootacamund mission accounts 1852;
/26 Relating to treatise 'On the relationships of Languages and Nations' (written by Schmid 1836) emphasizing throughout the importance of a comparative study of languages 1853;
/28 Includes comments relating to projected mission to Muslims 1854;
/29 Relating to Romanised system for reducing unwritten languages including references to Schmid's work on school-book for aboriginal hill-tribes and philological scholars including Professor Richard Lepsius, Sir Charles Trevelyan, Sir William Jones and missionaries; also relating to missions to Muslims in Madras 1854;
/30 Relating to publication of Schmid's Tamil translation of selections from Thomas a Kempis 1854;
/31 [Sends dried flowers for Sir William Hooker, director of Kew Gardens] gives extremely detailed account of his botanical interest, training and studies with its effect on his life from childhood, subsequent interest in etymology etc., with account of introduction of botany as subject in the Palamcottah seminary, its use as source of medicinal knowledge, with importance of medical training for missionaries; includes copy of letter from Rev. M. Winslow 1854 Madras, relating to Tract Society's tract on Adultery, with Schmid's comments on Winslow's letter, both relating to inadequacies and faults of the translation and again urging need for English grammar for use of Tamil speakers 1855;
/32A A statement of some facts showing that the Church Missionary Society was the remote, unconscious cause of Dr. Gutzlaff's being chosen and sent out as a missionary [Schmid's own calling to be a missionary and his subsequent appeal in Germany for more missionaries for India] 1855;
/33 Includes detailed criticism of Tamil translation of Flavel's 'Saint Indeed' published by Madras Tract Society 1855;
/34 Relating to proposed treatise adapting Sir William Jones' and Professor Lepsius' Romanizing system for Tamil alphabet and language [see also /29] 1855;
/35 Encloses memorandum urging importance of encouraging missionaries "to compose really solid and idiomatic vernacular books" 1855;

/37-40 Letters to mission secretary 1820, 1850, 1857 including:
/38 Includes full copy in French of correspondence with Roman Catholic priest Ch. Bonjean at Ootacamund: 1) relating to Schmid's servant; 2) relating to translation of 1 Corinthians chap. 9, v.5 comparing Greek and Vulgate (with comments on Protestant and Roman Catholic differences) 1850;
/40 Relating to treatise on the relationships of languages and nations 1857;

/41-88 Journals and journal extracts: Sep 1818 - Sep 1820; Apr 1821 - Oct 1831; Jul - Sep 1834; Jan - Jul 1850; Jan, Aug - Sep 1835 including:
/41 Includes list of publications by Schmid preparing for press 1819;
/47B Appendix to journal: containing an account of the manner in which the Palamcottah Central mission has been taught Apr 1821 - Jun 1822 [edited and published as Appendix IV to CMS Annual report 1822-23];

/54 25 Feb 1824: relating to Mr. Lyon;
/56 Oct 1824: voyage to Calcutta and comments on mission work in Bengal; 9 Nov: marriage; 27 Dec: interview with Rammohun Roy;
/57 Includes journey from Madras to Palamcotta via Pondicherry, Tranquebar, Tanjore and Ramnad Jan-Mar 1825;
/66 Appendix: remarks and proposals relating to male seminary at Palamcotta [suggesting changes in building to provide healthier conditions] with comments by C. T. E. Rhenius 1827;
/69 30 Dec 1827: first baptisms at Poodoopatchery;
/71 Jun 1828: journey to Satankullam and neighbouring villages;
/72 Outlines of a tract on caste, addressed to the Tamulians of all classes May 1828;
/75A Mar 1829: journey to Satankullam, Trichindoor, Nazareth etc.;
/75B Appendix: specimens of writing of Palamcottah seminarists exhibited at the public examination 16 Feb 1829;
/77 Aug-Sep 1829: visit to Satankullam;
/82 May-Sep 1831: visit to Ootacamund;
/83 Appendix: "views and principles which I endeavoured to act upon in carrying on the schoolwork": includes account of character and ability of schoolmasters employed in Tinnevelly mission 1831;
/85 Includes much reference to teaching his own children, also writes at length (8 Mar) of his early life in Germany, his cousin (Councillor of Education) in Frankfurt [detailed account of his experiences as a schoolmaster], effect of Lutheranism in Germany and general state of church there; 15 Mar: comments on Cotta [Ceylon] version of Bible and Mr. Lambrick and relating to translation of 'thou' and 'you' in Hebrew, Latin, German, French, Dutch, Tamil and Canarese; 18 Mar: comments on doctrine of baptismal regeneration and on revival of high Lutheranism amongst Evangelicals in Germany 1850;
/86A-F Journal: Apr-Jul 1850, with papers;
/86B Attached copy of letter to secretary Madras Religious Tract and Book Society relating to formation in Ootacamund of Association to assist Protestant Indians in forming a church library 1851;
/86C Appendix: extracts from Madras Journal of Science and Literature Vol.XVI No.37, 1850, with review of Schmid's article on 'Observations on the language of the Gonds, south of the Nerbudda';
/86D Finance accounts for Ootacamund mission Apr 1849 - Oct 1856;
/86E Philological papers (written by Schmid's sons);
/86F Schmid's genealogy circa 1610-1851: family tree and notes;
/87-88 Journal extracts: 18 Jan, 12 Aug, 24 Sep 1853: correspondence with Rev. Ch. Bonjean, Roman Catholic priest at Ootacamund;
/89 Copy of letter to Editorial Secretary Madras Auxiliary Bible Society relating to possibility of producing a Standard version of Tamil Bible 1855;
/90A-B,91A-B Medical certificates: 1833, 1834, 1847, 1849;

/92-112 Statistical returns for mission schools in Tinnevelly (Palamcottah district) 1825-1830 including:
/97 Half-yearly examination of female seminary Palamcottah (with list of girls' names) 1826;

/113 Return of Mayaveram school Jan-Mar 1839;
/114 Finance accounts for school at Nilgherries 1832-1833;
/115-118 Papers for Ootacamund mission: statement of accounts, report of mission work, circular letter 1846-1849, 1852;

/119-126 Specimens of writing of the Palamcottah seminarists including:
/119 William Sullivan;
/120-121 Cornelius 1820;
/122 'The Oriental Christian Spectator' Vol.II No.12: cover only with advertisement for proposed girls' school at Ootacamund, to be run by Mrs. Schmid 1831
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