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TitleSharkey, Rev. John Edmund
Extent22 docs.
DescriptionTelegu mission: Masulipatam District [Machilipatnam] 1847-1862 [and girls' school (Mrs. Sharkey)]
/1 Letters relating to property 1862;

/2-15 Journals and journal extracts: Oct 1847 - Sep 1849; Jan 1850 - Apr 1851; Jul-Sep, Nov-Dec 1851; Jan-Sep 1852; Jan-Mar 1853 including:
/3 Includes visit to festival at Weyoor 18-22 Feb 1848 including account of hook-swinging (21 Feb);
/6 17 Feb 1850: detailed account of life of convert Samuel;
/8B 3-23 Dec 1850: tour of district, includes first service at Kankipand village 15 Dec ;
/9 15 Feb 1851: minutely detailed account of annual festival at Weyoor in honour of goddess Veerammah with history of Veerammah, description of temple, account of hook-swinging and comparison with 1848 visit (commenting on decline after loss of government support); 25 Mar 1851: describes hook-swinging at Rajahmundry ;
/10 Ends with detailed account of festival of Dusserah Navaratra Sep 1851;
/11 11 Dec 1851: Pedanah: account of annual festival in honour of goddess Pavidammah (including hook-swinging); also sends statistics (by caste) of district of Pedanah Mootah 1851;
/12 Includes statistics (by caste) for districts of Peddapatam, Toomidy Mottah and Chinna Pandrekah Mootah 1852;
/15 Nov 1852 - Mar 1853: visit to Ellore (with description of statues and temples including visit to temple on Kolair Island and description of statue of goddess), Rajahmundry district also; outline of studies prepared by girls in Mrs. Sharkey's school 1852; Feb 1853: tour of district of Weyoor and Kankipand includes list of 25 villages giving names, names of idols and amount of government financial support for the festivals;

/16-18 Half-yearly reports 1849-1851;
/19-21 Annual letters for 1854-1856;
/22 Examination report by Mrs. Cotton on Mrs. Sharkey's girls' boarding school [1857]
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