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TitleStrachan, John M.
Extent107 docs.
DescriptionTreasurer Madras Corresponding Committee Mar 1820-1825; secretary Madras Corresponding Committee Mar 1822-1825 [assistants: G. J. Casamajor, J. A. Dalzell]
/1-106 Correspondence and papers 1820-1825;
/1 Note from Major D'Haviland to Strachan relating to plans for church and college 1820;
/5 Letter to Strachan from John Devasagayam relating to death of Rev. J. C. Schnarre 1820;
/8-9 Minute and estimate of expenses of Corresponding Committee 1820-1821;
/13 Memorandum relating to method of making remittances 1821 with copy of 1818 letter from W. A. Hankey, CMS treasurer, London to Messrs. Arbuthnot D'Monte & Co. Madras;
/25 Extract of letter from Strachan to Rev. M. Thompson including reference to illness of Rev. C. Church and death of his children Charles and Kate on the voyage to England 1822;
/26 Report on Travancore mission by Rev. James Hough [printed in 'Missionary Register' 1822 pp.425-430] 1822;
/29 Copies of letter from James Hough and J. Ridsdale relating to work at Madras begun by Hough 1822;
/30 Letter from Joseph Fenn to H. Mortlock relating to illness of Rev. B. Bailey 1822;
/33 Reports death of Rev. C. Church 1822;
/37-41,46 Correspondence with Rev. Daniel Corrie, secretary to Calcutta Corresponding Committee relating to proposed marriage of Rev. Isaac Wilson and Miss Mary Ann Cooke 1822; [/39-40] letters from Rev. Isaac Wilson 1822; [/41] letter from W. Sawyer 1822;
/45 Abstract of mission payments 1821-1822;
/51 Corresponding Committee minutes 2 Dec 1822;
/52-53 Includes proposed rules for missionaries using press 1822;
/54 General report of Cottayam mission 1822;
/56 List of books needed for Madras seminary 1823;
/57 Indent for mission stores for 1823 including books for lending library and for sale;
/58 Indent for medicines 1823;
/59 Includes extract of letter from Mr. Smalley relating to school at Chingleput 1823;
/60 Copy of letter from W. Sawyer relating to seminarists 1823;
/64-72 Questions on geography, religion, language, occupations, castes and prospects for missionary work (sent to missionaries) with answers 1822 [/64] Alleppie (T. Norton); [/65] Bellary (George Robert Gosling); [/66] the Zillah of Chingleput (Edward Smalley [collector of Nellore] 1823);
/67 Coimbatore (J. Sullivan);
/68 Cuddapah (Charles P. Brown);
/69 Malabar district (F. Spring);
/70 Masulipatam [Machilipatnam] and Rajahmundry Districts (J. D. Newbolt);
/71 Tanjore (A. F. Bruce);
/72 Vizagapatam and Ganjam (Rev. J. Gordon, London Missionary Society);
/73 Signed by all members of Corresponding Committee 1824;
/76,81 Copies of correspondence relating to G. T. Barenbruck giving up Combaconum as mission station and transferring to Mayaveram 1822-1824;
/79 Proceedings relating to establishment of printing press at Palamcotta 1824;
/80 Minute relating to committee's expenses 1823;
/82 Relating to constitution and business of Madras Corresponding Committee 1823;
/83-84 Report of Madras printing office, work completed, Jul-Sep 1823, staff 1823;
/85A-B Proceedings relating to caste in Madras seminary (includes extracts from W. Sawyer's journal Jan-Feb 1824);
/88 Relating to James Roberts and John Ryan, artillery men, to be employed as tutors in Cottayam College 1824;
/90,92 Includes reference to difficulties between Rev. J. F. Beddy and Rev. S. Ridsdale on voyage out 1824;
/92 Madras Corresponding Committee: minutes 20 Oct 1824;
/93 Includes reference to rate of exchange for missionaries stipends 1825;
/94 Madras Corresponding Committee: minutes 27 Jan 1825;
/95 Indent for stores 1824;
/96 Remarks on Dr. Bell's system of education recommended to the particular consideration of the visitors of the schools [printed] [1824];
/97 Full and detailed accounts of quarrels between Rev. J. F. Beddy and Rev. Samuel Ridsdale 1824;
/98 Abstract of mission account 1823-1824;
/99 Report of CMS work in South India 1825;
/100 Statistics for Palamcotta male seminary: gives name of scholars, date of admission, age, village, religion, proficiency in Tamil, English and Hebrew and remarks 1825;
/101 Statistics for Palamcotta female seminary: gives name, date of admission, age, village, religion, progress in each subject (clerical and practical) and remarks 1825;
/104 Extract of letter from Rev. J. Hough relating to son [Rev.] James Hough 1825;

/107 Letter commenting in general on state of mission work in India and Ceylon and suggesting principles 1827
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