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TitleArden, Rev. Albert Henry
Extent129 docs.
DescriptionSecretary Madras Corresponding Committee 1878-1880: Telegu: Bezwada Feb 1865-1868; Machilipatnam ('Masulipatam') 1872; Ellore, Anglo-vernacular school 1868-1871
/1-13 Letters 1864, 1866, 1868, 1872-74, 1878 including:
/8 Relating to visit to Prattupad with [Rev. A.] Bhushanam 1872;
/9-11 Relating to wife's allowances in Ireland 1873-74;

/14-124 Letters and papers as secretary to Corresponding Committee Jun 1878 - Aug 1880 including:
/15 Part of letter from Bishop E. Sargent relating to financial aid for famine victims Sivagasi district and Palamcotta 1878;
/16-25 Relating to mass alleged conversions to Christianity in SPG areas of Tinnevelly following distribution of famine relief funds 1878:
/16,24 Copies of letters from Bishop Sargent;
/17 Letter from David Fenn;
/19 Copy of letter from A. H. Lash;
/20 Newspaper cuttings;
/25 Offprint of article 'The Accessions in Tinnevelly' [printed];
/26 Copy of part of letter from D. Fenn relating to Bishops Sargent and Caldwell and their authority and position vis-a-vis CMS and SPG 1878;
/28, 32, 37 Relating to possibility of Sattianadhan being considered for consecration as bishop 1878;
/30 Request for help for orphanage at Bangalore (for famine victims) run by Mrs. B. Rice (daughter of Rhenius) 1878;
/31 Copy of letter from F. N. Alexander relating to floods in Ellore district 1878;
/33 Relating to catechist system in Telegu country and comments on letter of J. Welland (Calcutta) 1878;
/34 Relating to death of D. Fenn and future of secretaryship 1878;
/35 Includes letter from E. Blackmore relating to transfer to Ceylon 1878;
/38 Copy of letter from Samuel John relating to salary 1878;
/39 Letter from Bishop Sargent enclosing translation of article in Tamil publication (on ordination and Indian pastors), also relating to Rev. W. Sattianadhan 1878;
/41 Copies and extracts from letters relating to native church councils from V. Vednanayagam (Vageikulam) and J. Caley (Tiruwella) 1878;
/42 Letter from Bishop E. Sargent 1878;
/43 Copy of letter from W. Cain relating to salary of ordained Malas 1878;
/44 Copy of letter from James Stone relating to CMS land at Jaggaipatt 1878;
/45,47 Relating to Travancore mission 1878;
/49 Proceedings of conference of Tinnevelly missionaries relating to future of Palamcottah Training Institution, with lengthy comments by Arden 1879;
/51 Relating to tour through Travancore and Tinnevelly 1879;
/58-59 Minutes of Madras Corresponding Committee 4 Mar and 13 Mar 1879 [fragments];
/60A-B Fenn Memorial Fund: circular appeal and subscription list [printed] 1879;
/61 Extract of letter from Rev. J. Caley relating to need for missionary at Pir Maad and possible trouble with planters 1879;
/62 Relating to Mr. Roge 1879;
/64 Relating to C. C. Fenn's suggestion that V. Vedhanayagam and Joseph David should be appointed bishops, with copy of Fenn's letter 1879;
/66 Enclosed letters from Bishop Sargent and Bishop Gell suggesting Mr. Puckle to join Corresponding Committee 1879;
/71 Encloses copy of power of attorney for Bank of Madras to sell and endorse government securities 1878 [sic];
/77 Petition to Government Secretary from Managing Council of Madras Christian College against reduction of grant [printed: 7pp.] 1879;
/79 'The relations of native ministers to missionaries and to local governing bodies': (paper by A. H. Arden read at Bangalore conference) [printed: 6pp.] 1879;
/80B Letter from Miss. A. F. Baker, Cochin, relating to Usborne girls school 1879;
/82 Madras Corresponding Committee: minutes [incomplete] 26 Aug 1879;
/86 Tabular statement of CMS institutions and schools in South India: Madras, Tinnevelly, Travancore, Telegu: gives name, number of schools, number of pupils and teachers, costs, remarks 1879;
/89 Letter to member of CMS Committee with remarks on Telegu mission in general and its need for native pastors, organised itinerancy, vernacular literature and specific staff shortages [printed: 4pp.] [1879];
/92 Copy of letter from Dr. H. D. Cook, surgeon, Vellore (formerly Tinnevelly and Masulipatam relating to ill-health of CMS missionaries and need for stricter medical examinations before acceptance of candidates 1880;
/93 Copy of letter from John Cain, Dummagudem relating to financial grant 1879;
/96 Relating to possibility of having Indian bishop of North Tinnevelly (with particular reference to Mr. Vedhanayagam) 1880;
/97 Enclosing letters relating to administration of Tranvacore mission from Bishop J. M. Speechly, R. H. Maddox, F. Bower 1880;
/102 Encloses list of 1879 financial contributions received by Madras Corresponding Committee [printed] 1879;
/103 Encloses letter from Bishop Sargent relating to Dohnavur Church Council 1880;
/104 Petition to Arden from Sandhar community in Palamcotta protesting against article by F. N. Alexander in Nov 1879 CM 'Record' in which they are described as "non-Hindus" and "non-Aryans"; with copy of letters to Alexander 1879;
/110 Includes reference to Mr. Roge 1880;
/111 Statement relating to Mr. Roge, signed by members of Madras Corresponding Committee 1880;
/112 Encloses letter from Rev. V. Vedhanayagam relating to employment of schoolmaster or peon at Vageikulam 1880;
/114 Proceedings of Madras Corresponding Committee 10 May 1880 [first sheet only];
/115 Encloses letter from D. Anantam, Masulipatam, relating to Havergal Memorial Fund 1880;
/117 Extract from letter of H. Fortey, government inspector of schools relating to CMS schools under Rev. J. E. Padfield at Masulipatam 1880;
/122 Account of consecration of Holy Trinity Church, Edeyengoody, Tinnevelly 6 Jul 1880 [printed];

/125-129 Annual letters for 1868, 1871-73
Access StatusOpen


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